Managing Relationship Risks

Tips to a Healthy and Successful Relationship

As we all know, communication is key to every successful relationship. It’s not the mere verbal exchange of information but it is the expression of respect, affection, concern that leads to a stronger bond between the couple eventually building a healthier sexual life. Having a healthy relationship with your partner helps you to be fit and always in the finest mood. A healthy atmosphere at home, healthy lifestyle, positive attitude, mutual respect towards each other helps to create a beautiful intimate relationship. A relationship is completely subjective and there are no written guidelines to execute it yet there are certain tips which if followed can lead to a strong relationship.

Talk your heart out

Knowing your partner well is the foundation of any relationship and the same holds true for a physical relationship too. One has to be very honest about their feelings to their partner. Sharing your moods, grievances, health issues or anything in your mind with your partner is the best way to maintain an open and strong relationship. Even for maintaining a healthier intimate relationship with your partner, you need to express your preferences to each other.

Comfort each other

There will be times when one of the partners may not have an inclination towards physical intimacy, respecting that feeling and sharing it with the other partner is a must. If you sense that your partner is having stress related to take a step forward, embrace them with their shortcomings. Show your affection towards them by understanding their situation and helping them to overcome it. These circumstances are the real test time for the couple to prove their affection for each other which can also help to the bond between them.

Maintain care with your sexual hygiene

Practise safe sex and take care of your sexual hygiene by protecting yourself from STDs and stay clear of unwanted pregnancy.

Consent – A Must

Do not pressurize your partner to do anything that they don’t believe in or like. For a healthy sex life, mutual consent is a must.

Eat Healthy and Be Fit

For anything to go right, it is essential to have an active mind and body. One should eat healthy food, exercise regularly and be fit and get adequate sleep so that health-related issues don’t come in the way of physical relationships. However, if only one partner follows these steps, the relationship will still suffer. To live a happy healthy lifestyle both of them should inculcate healthy habits together. Body weight, especially in women, plays a crucial role in pregnancy. If the estrogen in the body is a result of fat and not naturally, it will interfere with the monthly period cycles affecting the pregnancy. For couples trying to conceive, many times your fertility expert may alter your diet and introduce certain restrictions. It is ideal to be committed to the cause and follow the expert’s advice as this is turning out to the best for the couple.

No Finding Faults with Each Other

As mentioned above, there may be days when one would look beyond physical intimacy. Accepting this with patience works rather than blaming the partner because it will only result in further emotional crumples. Additionally, this is more relevant for couples trying to conceive a baby. While infertility is depressing for couples who are more than eager for their own baby, blaming the partner for any kind of aberrations is completely unfair on the other’s part. This will only lead to hard feelings shaping up for each other. Harbouring negative emotions against the partner can harm relationships and families. On the contrary, supporting the partner at these testing times defines and gives the relationship a new meaning. There are always different ways to fight infertility, but most important is fighting as a team and not against each other.

Maintain Normalcy

For an eccentric physical relationship, mental health should be sound. There may be times when your goal would be to start your family and for some reason, you may be unsuccessful. Channelizing all your energy in a single direction, which may not be easily achievable will be overpowering sometimes leading to a negative impact on the relationship. This won’t work for couples planning a baby as stress will have a severe impact on pregnancy. At such situations focus on your partner, focus on self-etc. and let things eventually take its course.

A relationship between two people is like a string, if kept too tight, it can break the bond easily. To maintain a proper balance in a relationship, emotionally as well as physically one must adhere to these tips to rekindle your relationship to have a strong and unbreakable bond.

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Dr. Rajalaxmi Walavalkar

Dr. Rajalaxmi Walavalkar is a Senior Gynaecologist and IVF specialist at Cocoon Fertility

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