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The idea of a beach wedding is appealing to plenty of couples for a multitude of reasons. Weddings held in an intimate beach setting can be a great experience both for you and your guests. It’s like a mini vacation for everyone involved. There is nothing more romantic than the sounds of the surf. Exchanging vows with wind-tousled hair and sandy toes, while the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves and seagulls fill your ears, seem like a dream come true. There can be several different kinds of themes and decorations used for a beach wedding. One thing about choosing a beach wedding theme is that it allows you total creative freedom. Depending on the time of day, the beach can set the mood. At sunrise or sunset, it is a place of serenity, beauty and romance. Mid-day, it is the hub of excitement, activity, and fun.

The most alluring motifs draw inspiration from their aquatic surroundings. Having a thematic shell wedding is one such idea best suited for couples who want to stay subtle on the décor and let the shells express. From having a customised seashell ring holder, shell escort cards, shell and floral centrepieces, and multipurpose shell garlands, this theme may make a wedding look all shades of dreamy. Mermaid theme is another one which can make brides nostalgic and stir their inner Jasmine on their very special day. From whimsical wreath made of braided vines, starfish and pearls for bridesmaids to bridal tiaras with handcrafted shells, petals, and aqua coloured jewels may appear nothing less than ethereal. No wedding can conclude unless the beauty of the moments and décor is rightly captured. Match your bouquet to the tropical setting with bright blooms. This gorgeous flower arrangement features multi tone flowers including pink and vibrant orange with rich green leaves. Flowers like these would match any dress. You could re-create your bridal bouquet with a tropical theme but with different flowers types, colours and plants. Announce the magnificent occasion to come with oyster shells that guests have to crack open! This bride filled each shell with a pearl and bible verse but you can include a tiny slip of paper inside instead.

When you have the beach as your wedding venue, it is best to keep it as natural as possible. The beach and the waves naturally provide a serene and beautiful backdrop to your wedding. Keeping the theme related to using beach elements is ideal.

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