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Birth, infant, toddler, teens, maturity and old age a person has to go through the different life stages. While passing each stage of life cycle we grow old and the process of ageing comes naturally. It is an inevitable phase but we humans want to look young and radiant for a longer period of time especially when our looks matter a lot and mark our first impression. Earlier, good habits, healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, etc, helped people to look younger and beautiful. Change in eating habits and lifestyle moreover, a lot of stress, hectic working hours, pollution, etc, account for early signs of ageing and make us look dull.

Some of the major symptoms of ageing are dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging of the skin, open pores, dull and glow less skin, dry and patchy skin, etc. Skin ageing can be due to a variety of reasons example, as we grow our skin becomes dry and flaky, lacks nourishment and the cells are not that active to replace the old cells continuously with the new cells, lack of active enzymes and proteins which otherwise are produced by the body decrease and thus, cause loss of firmness in the skin, superficial lines, wrinkles, etc. Other factors include stress, environmental pollution, strong heat from the sun, improper diet, etc. which further, stimulate the process of ageing by producing free radicals and hence, decreasing the anti-oxidants in our body leading to cellular degeneration.

Anti-ageing treatments have reached to heights with the advancement of various technologies used for the treatment. Therefore, we are lucky that in today’s time we have so many options to choose from. Injections called as dermal fillers are very commonly used along with medications. Dermatologists inject hyaluronic acid and or collagen to fill the fine lines and pores thus, giving the skin a radiant look. Liquid facelift treatments are the process which is combined with dermal fillers and in addition muscle relaxers are given to tightening up the facial muscles. Micro derma abrasion is the treatment in which the dead, dry dull skin layer is scrubbed off and exfoliation is carried along to correct the dark spots, hyper-pigmentation. It evens the skin tone and smoothens the skin from beneath. Another highly used skin ageing treatment or anti wrinkle treatment is the derma or chemical peels. This process is based on chemically damaging the upper exposed layer of the skin in a controlled manner and peeling it off. For this purpose glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc, are used which peel off and exfoliate the outer skin and thus, help in producing new collagen, which provide firmness to the skin. Derma rolling or micro needle is the treatment involving a rolling cylinder covered with a tiny needle which moves over the skin, the needle may cause a little pain as if a bee sting but removes fine lines and wrinkles and scars effectively. The damage caused by the needle to the skin stimulates the cell to produce growth enzymes and proteins which produce collagen and aid in the anti-ageing process.

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Laser treatments are one of the most accepted and the best anti-ageing treatment. Laser treatment uses light energy to penetrate into the skin layers and restore the lost cells ability to produce elastin and collagen and thus, tightens the skin, removes pigmentation and makes the skin even toned. Some other methods involve heat pulses, infra red rays and ultra sound to improve the skin texture but these too require expertise and need to be performed in a number of sessions. Moreover, the market is filled with anti-ageing and wrinkle free cosmetic products which comprise of various active radicals, collagen precursors, muscle relaxers, derma fillers, etc, which are in the form of creams, gels, medicated ointments, essence and oils, which claim to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and lift the face skin.

Successful treatment for anti-ageing in India comprises of botox treatments, multi step laser treatments, injectable fillers, chemical peels, thermal energy and radiations, PRP therapy which involves enrichment of the blood cells and platelets which produce growth proteins thus, helping in the rejuvenation of the skin cells and providing young and flawless skin texture.Along with these treatments, vitamin A and vitamin E medications are given to enhance the rate of success.

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The stem cells therapy is a great alternative for the increased production of collagen, removal of photodamaged cells, pigmentation, wrinkles naturally and in improving overall physical and mental condition such as stamina, vigor, glow etc. The results of stem cell therapy for skin, hair loss or any cosmetic treatment purposes are very promising without any known side effects or adverse effects.

There are ways to delay ageing naturally. Eating healthy and consumption of foods having anti oxidants which can combat free radicals is essential. Apples, blueberries and green tea provide us with anti oxidants, fish, nuts, dairy products give us minerals and trace elements which help us to fight against ageing signs. Exercising, abstaining from smoking and drinking, taking ample of sleep, maintaining a healthy lifestyle adds to keeping oneself young and glowing. Pamper your skin with home remedies like applying tomato, aloe vera, lime juice, rose water, gram flour, etc, these have natural ingredients and fatty acids which strengthen our skin cells, lighten dark spots and give a clear and shiny skin. In addition keep your skin hydrated by drinking sufficient liquid in the form of water and juices as dehydration causes wrinkles and makes the skin look dry and flaky. Keep yourself happy and think positive as it brings a glow to one’s face naturally.

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