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Suit Trends

As we all know, 2018 was all about the simplicity and light colours and now this year it’s all about classic and vibrant styles hitting the shelves and runaway. We have made things much easier for you by giving an insight into fashionable colours, to the must have quirky suit accessories and the formal coats you will be screaming for in 2019. Here are the styles in suits you need put a check on:

Vibrant suits

In the year 2019, men’s suits are more diverse in terms of colour. The usual grey or blue suit will be swapped by vivacious colours. The year 2019 is all about experimenting with your look, so try pairing a bright suit such as red, coral, and green with a classic black or white shirt to flatter the colour of the ensemble.

Floral Accessories

A men’s suit is simply unfinished without accessories and this year the colours and patterns of suits will allow men to showcase their mischievous side and persona with the quirky floral ones. For a touch of excitement in this year, include floral in the form of neckties, pocket squares, cuff links or tie clips.

Double Breasted Coat

Single breasted coat is passé and Double Breasted Coat is the one in vogue. It looks much more classy and formal and will appear excellent with any kind of fashion accessory. So, if you are trying to be something unusual, look no further than the double breasted coat this year.

Turtleneck Suit

In 2019, everyone needs a turtleneck suit in their wardrobe. Wrap up this winter, in a suit with turtleneck and flaunt that splendid look for winter brunches. Combine a turtleneck with a suit and get incredibly stylish and sleek look. It is one of the finest universal looks for men be it office, brunch, or any official event.

About the Brand
Launched in the year 2000, the brand was acquired by Future Lifestyle Fashions in 2014. Giovani is a quintessential suits & jackets brand that refuses to be ‘Jacketed’. Giovani eases the layer of formal – rituals around the suit and allows ones true self to manifest.
It’s for the man who straddles many roles and celebrates each of them with ease. Present in over 100 retail touch points spread across both exclusive brand stores and shop-in-shop. Giovani offers classic and elegant clothing tailored with refined Italian cuts and outstanding workmanship at an affordable price in India with a commitment to create clothes that complement your individuality and personal taste. Enjoy the elegance and the comfort of clothes with Italian Cut from Giovani that will be an expression of your taste and style.

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