Rave New World – Shantanu Singh

What to Wear to the Freshest Bars and Clubs

Shantanu Singh’s Capsule Collection is an exclusive club wear collection to celebrate the club culture of the sophisticated and the elite. The intention, is to dramatise the way in which 80s fashion emerged directly from the underground music scene.

Tracing Club Culture

Rave culture from the 1980s and 1990s is quite inspiring for many young designers. The designer made an attempt to capture the hedonism and energy present there and brought them to life through his designs… These collections reference the lineage of rave culture and reveal how it’s remained a major influence in fashion throughout the last two decades.

Focal Points

  • Easy to wear collection to collaborate with glamour and luxurious lifestyle
  • Styles and cuts are modern and chic with clean look
  • Meticulous cutting technique making costumes
  • Few styles are cylindrical in shape and are like contouring for your body
  • Soft draping

All the Rave

The colour palette is black and brick-red keeping the club’s culture in mind.


Garments & Styling : Shantanu Singh
Makeup & Hair : Jas
Models : Rupinder Kaur | Pooja Shree | Aarti Vij | Geet Nailwal
Location : Sterling Sariska | Abraxas Studio, New Delhi
Shoot Co-ordinated / Managed by :  Fashion Viesta

About the Designer

Shantanu Singh

Shantanu Singh, a Fashion Designer based in New Delhi, India. A National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata 2004 alumni won a number of accolades during the college days. A designer par excellence, winner of East Zone and National finalist at Smirnoff International Fashion Awards 2001, the National Finalist of Castle Lager Student Fashion Awards, One of The Best lingerie designers Award 2003 and he had won the “Most Creative Collection Award” in the final year of NIFT, Received ‘Signature Fashion Award by Abraxas Fashion Award 2014, Won ‘First Time Entrant Award 2016 and also showcased among Sixty Thousand Live Audience in New Zealand in 2017 at WOW –‘World of Wearable Art Competition’ A fashion & Art Competition held in New Zealand and Also his latest Art Pieces are being displayed in International Art Galeries and Museum around the World.

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