Paper-torial – Concept Shoot

Say No To Plastic

It was on a random day when I was passing by a road, on my way to home – and saw a beautiful looking hill from afar. I decided to take a closer look at it, since it really captivated me – but the moment I took a few steps towards it, I was devastated to see a land fill – full of plastics bags lying around everywhere, destroying the natural beauty of what Mother Nature has created.

In that very moment, I really felt responsible for the actions all of us take – using and throwing plastic bags, bottles and products in ever walk of life. We see so many plastic bags all around us – whether we go for grocery shopping or any other random errand of normal life. Even when we are picturing the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, we might imagine water bodies filled with plastic water bottles or straws very soon in our nearby future. And who can forget the sight of animals and fish dying because of the plastic that they have ingested from their enviroment. I pondered upon this situation – and I told myself I would avoid plastic bags from now – and bought jute bags as the replacement of plastic.
But that was not enough – and I started wondering what more I could do!

I started to think how can I share this concern with the people – and educate them about the problems we are causing daily. During that time I was planning to do a concept shoot. I met my teacher at NIFT Delhi, Hemant Sud, on the same – and discussed some ideas as to how we could depict this social issue in creative manner – and share it everyone.

My brain was running faster than a horse, trying to figure out a good concept – when Hemant Sir suggested to do an editorial spread which has social message to it. Creativity is the best way to convey such a message. Then this concept ‘Say No To Plastic’ clicked my mind – and I shared the idea with him. He really liked the concept and gave me a go-ahead.
I came back home after my discussion with him and gathered all the newspapers at home to create garments out of it. Everyone in the team really liked the concept and we started working towards it. It was a complete team effort – without whom it would not even be possible to nail it. Sachin (photographer) helped with the backdrop and I want to give special thanks to Aahuti (make-up & hair artist ) for lending me a helping hand to make the dresses out of newspaper. Both the models also did a wonderfull job in posing with confidence in the paper dresses.

After all the hard work, the end result came out really well. As they say – all’s well that ends well.

Hemant Sud
Concept & Styling
Dimple Taneja
Sachin Kushwaha
Asst Photographer
Makeup & Hair
Aahuti Bhardwaj
Pooja Shree
Adrija Bhowal
Abraxas Studio

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