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Future of Customised Lipstick Palette

Beauty is a very personal concept; women don’t want to be told, they want to choose what looks good and suit them. Customised beauty empowers women giving them full control to create products suiting their preferences, styles and desires, thereby leading them to create a product that complements their personality and is fully their own.

Customised lipsticks are here to revolutionise the makeup industry in the most individualistic manner, changing the way women purchase lipsticks.

With an increased access, knowledge and information about products on the market, customers are aware of exactly what their wants and needs are, expecting a high level of satisfaction from brands. Giving them full control in creation of a lipstick would make them associate with the brand on a personal level, in turn increasing customer satisfaction by great means.

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve always had a picture of the perfect shade range for customers, but because of our different skin tones, one shade is never looks the same on two people. A “nude” pink might look nude on light skin tones, but may look bright pink on darker tones which lead me to mix and match lipsticks to perfection- reds to create the most stunning bridal shade, nudes to flatter the client’s skin tone, hues of pink for parties and so on. With customised lipsticks, the beauty industry is evolving and stepping out of the box. Making customers co-creators with the brand, redefines consumers beliefs on how they should be served, changing the way they think about beauty.

The tailor made experience is more meaningful, creating strong bonds with the company due to the clients inputs and involvements. This is also a fun experience for people as they can let their imagination run wild, experimenting with hues and shades ranging from blue to greens or golds to even blacks reinventing one’s shopping experience.

If you look at any industry- from fashion to technology, social media to food, customization is the new and upcoming trend. The newest luxury in the makeup industry- customised lipsticks are definitely the future of the beauty industry.

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Maanavi Chhabra, Founder of Emcee Beauty

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