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Accentuating A Gentleman’s Fashion Gazette

In today’s style-conscious contemporary world, facets of men’s fashion are growing to become more diverse. Today a range of colours, patterns, cuts, and fabrics are available for the modern-day gentlemen.  The present-day style is about owning your persona and bringing a bit of fun into your clothing. To achieve this flawless up-to-date look what better than experimenting a bit with the latest trending colours, this year’s pantone shade, Living Coral being one.

A couple of years ago, one would not expect a man to dress up in anything apart from black, white, blue or beige, thus flushing light pastel colours like coral, pale pink, rose or salmon down the drain. These colours back then on a man were considered a sartorial no-no. The newly-introduced peachy pink shade of Living Coral as the Pantone colour of the year is all set to become the novel neutral tone encompassing all the capabilities of surpassing the existing red carpet-favoured tone of mid blue. And if the forecast is anything to go by, the shade will soon make its presence felt almost everywhere, right from your bed sheets, your home upholstery’s and furnishings, the next sweatshirt you plan to invest in, and even to the colour of your walls. So one question that may leave you contemplating is why the pinkish-peach hue? 

Gregarious, feisty and forceful, the appealing nature of Living Coral is known to welcome and encourage light-hearted activity. Signifying our distinctive need for positivity, assurance, and jubilant pursuits, the Living Coral shade exemplifies our desire for playful expression. Additionally, the hue which is found underwater reverberates with how coral reefs offer shelter to a varied kaleidoscope of submerged colours.

When it comes to donning it, the buoyant hue has a possibility to be a tad bit tricky for men to nail, but however, when worn in an appropriate manner, this shade can offer nothing but a refreshing update to your closet. So get ahead of the game by grooming your wardrobe with a couple of best picks of coral apparels pieces which will surely take the sartorial scene by storm.

Tips on wearing corals effortlessly

A strong coral blazer has a strong possibility to elevate a modest workwear look from just basic to trendy, but definitely in a better way. Satin coral blazers, when paired with white or monochrome shirts, will demand utmost attention and will surely guarantee a definite sartorial success.
The best way to make this shade look overwhelming on you is to invest in a comfortable pair of coral trousers, no matter if it’s a casual or formal one. Coral can be effortlessly matched with other hues, navy blue, black, browns, beige, and white to name a few. A white shirt, when teamed up with pleated coral trousers, combined with black loafers or moccasins, will lend an uplifting look. Pairing a coral formal shirt with a black bomber jacket can be really eye-catching as well. One can go bold by blending coral with various patterns and prints, like animal prints, florals, checks or even stripes.

Soft corals, when paired with blues, may sound understated, but when tailored in the right way, they can be as noticeable as a lively pop of colour.

A soft coral cashmere sweater, sweatshirts or pullover paired with navy blue trouser or a coral jacket over a blue t-shirt with white shorts will lend a fascinating winter look.  Soften up a typical all-black ensemble with some corals for a statement look, don’t forget to accentuate these with the appropriate kind of accessories.

Another in-trend colour combination ruling the male fashion domain is coral and grey that can certainly lend you a great look. There are no confines with the way that you can use this colour combination. A dark grey pant with a soft coral shirt can lend an equally complementary look.

Purple and Coral if worn with poise will make for a perfect summer outfit. Coral is pleasing for all kinds of skin tones, and the deep rich purple tones lend it just the right amount of dissimilarity to safeguard it’s not too arresting.

The subtle candyfloss shade of living corals truly proves that shade clashing wherein two colours come together lends nothing but a delightful visual harmony.

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