Ecologically Friendly Interiors

Ideas & Elements for A Green Life in Your Home

Over the last few years there have been growing concerns global warming and the overall health of the planet. As a result, eco friendly is an exponentially growing trend, home owners are increasingly looking at their own practices and how they can contribute to the health of the earth. Eco friendly practices can not only help you create innovative décor ideas but can also help reduce our carbon footprint, but can help improve indoor air quality, overall health and wellbeing.

There are a few things that can be done to incorporate the green life in your home.

Lighting and Ventilation

Lighting and ventilation ensure that you have a better breathability and a reduced need for additional lights. Always try to free the windows of heavy curtains especially in the living areas these will ensure that there is warmth and light making the space welcoming and comfortable. Another tip is to make spaces as bright as they can be. Avoid painting walls in dark colours and as and when possible, have the bedrooms and bathrooms facing the north which will keep it cooler and the kitchen and living rooms in the sunnier south ensuring the light and brightness in these areas. Windows play an important part in the movement of air and ensuring that the room is fresh. If possible, place windows in a way to ensure cross ventilation this will ensure that there is constant breeze into and out of the home.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

The use of natural accents is critical when you look at an environmentally friendly living space. Naturally occurring materials also make beautiful and decorative accents. Look for beautiful stones, shells and the driftwood to catch eyes and create interest to your home. Repurposed materials like used car tires, salvaged wood and used glass jars can be used to create innovative coffee tables or accent existing furniture. Glass jars can be repainted and used as lighting fixtures or even as little vases to grow plants etc… Fashioning mattresses, pillows and rugs from wool and other natural fibers will ensure that you are contributing to reduction in the production of synthetic materials that will ensure that there is an reduction in these materials languishing in landfills. Materials like wool is not only biodegradable but it is hypoallergenic, odour and mite resistant as well as anti-bacterial another great material is latex made from sap collected from rubber plants, this material is naturally fire retardant and does not emit harmful VOC’s.

Plants, Plants, Plants…

Surrounding living spaces with plants is the most basic of ideas and is actually a no brainer. Plants provide oxygen and filter out harmful chemicals from the air. In addition, plants add natural beauty and freshness while at the same time bringing a little of the outdoors inside. Plants like bamboo, palms, lilies, and daisies do really well indoors at the same time improve the air quality. Install a green wall in your home. Sometimes called vertical gardens or living walls and consist of an entire wall of houseplants. A big dose of nature, these have some considerations regarding watering systems and weight of the installation, however the benefits will outweigh the initial investment. These transform a room and convert it into a pleasant area that is a breath of fresh air. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the air filtering properties of a wall full plants of magnitude greater than just a few potted palms.

Think Long Lasting

Furniture needs to be solid and made to last. Materials like teak and oak are more durable and last for generations. Old/ antique furniture adds not only to the décor but also are eye catching. These are environmentally beneficial as they are made from old forest and lack modern glues and chemicals.

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