Optimising Tiny Space

How to Create a Feeling of Never-Ending
Space in tiny Bathrooms

Most people do not enjoy the luxury of owning a large bathroom, and hence have to think of alternate ways to make it look spacious.

Every bathroom has to satisfy certain needs such as including basics like the sink, shower or bathing area, and the toilet. No matter how small the space is, these things are must to be shoved in. 

You can create the illusion of an expanded ceiling by painting a lattice or molding design around the edge of the ceiling.

One can make a small bathroom look strikingly bigger with neutral colours that run up the walls, along the floor and even continue onto the bath and washroom which create a feeling of never ending space and make the room feel boxed in, rather than just breaking up the bathroom into separate areas.

A clean, hygienic and neat bathroom always looks larger and spacious than a cluttered and dirty one and therefore, it is advisable to only have a few important must-have’s visible in this space.  

Don’t let a limited footprint impact on your creative flair. Here are few ideas to optimise your tiny space.

Wallpaper always makes a statement in any room. Distract from the size with feature wallpaper and opt for a unique, bold or interesting print to maximize the impact in a small space like this.

Make it appear larger with mirrors. Transform the look and feel of a room with mirrors, as they reflect light and create the impression of space. Whether you go for adventurous mirrored tiles or opt for the option of hanging a mirror on the wall, the reflection is guaranteed to brighten your bathroom.

Trick the eye with tiles as the amount of space you have and what the eye perceives aren’t necessarily the same thing. Here one can play with the boundaries of perception by tiling the wall and the side of your bath with the same design. This will make it hard to differentiate where each begins, thereby making your space feel larger. Marble is particularly effective here as it almost appears like one huge sheet.

Be smart with furniture.Make the most of space in compact bathrooms and opt for a tallboy-unit that reaches up to the ceiling for maximum storage or you can pick a mirrored unit which will give the illusion of space to a compact bathroom. Consider using freestanding furniture -storage and seating that so that you can move your scheme around at a moment’s notice.

When you have a bathroom with space constraints, it can be a task to create a highly functional space that also looks good.Nonetheless, you can now make your bathroom look and feel more spacious by transforming it into a beautiful and relaxing space that you have always wanted, with a few Do’s and Don’ts.


Go airy with white on white. One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a spacious look is to use lots of white in it. This noncolor-color naturally retreats, making the space look bigger. It also reflects all the available light, rather than absorbing it.

Keep contrasts low in a small bathroom décor – When thinking of painting a small bathroom, stick to a limited colour palette that connects with your bathroom as a whole.  This Intro-way your paint colour will unite the walls, floors, fittings and tiles. If you want to make your small bathroom look larger than what it actually is, it is best to work with a single palette of values and hues.

Shower enclosures – A common issue withcompact bathrooms is that there simply isn’t sufficient space for a tub and separate shower inclusion. If you mainly shower, but also don’t want to lose the option of having a bath, then a shower-bath may be the best solution.


Cluttered paint job – If every wall of your bathroom has a decorative paint job or wallpaper, it can make the room seem cluttered and crowded to some extent. Dropping this décor in favor of clean and simple paint will instantaneously make your bathroom appear far larger.

Refrain from accessorising too much -Avoid cluttering the room with too many decorationswhen accessorizing your bathroom. Use accessories and decorations that have multiple purposes such as storage options that also look pretty.

Do not cut down on ventilation –It is advisable to keep proper bathroom ventilation in order to avoid issues resulting out of humidity.  An appropriately vented bathroom will help in eliminating moisture and will decrease the humidity in that space.

Your tiny bathroom space can be elegant, practical and with the right know-how can be space-efficient. There is no need to keep a compact bathroom pure, plain focusing on minimalism. Lovers of vintage style can go for creating their dream scheme. The clever storage area will free a petite bathroom from feeling cluttered and will aid in maintaining a feeling of space with sophistication. 

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