Travel Time – Trends for 2019

Trends for 2019

With the new year just commencing, now is the time to find out what’s up and coming in travel. Being one and united is a world-view that is embodied by today’s new age travellers  – which has turned them into “experience seekers”. They are now far more “experiential” than the past – and looking to engage with “all” cultural aspects of society  – such as food, clothing, language, customs, marketplaces, bio-diversity and natural wonders. Here are some upcoming travel trends that I predict for the year 2019:

Bleisure travel

This term has been around for a while now and may not sound like a new travel trend – although Indian millennials are going to seriously prefer bleisure travel over separate business and leisure travels. “Work hard – party harder” is the mantra of India’s young generation – who are turning business travel into weekend getaways – and demand the best of both worlds. It is time we welcome this trend of “bleisure travel” – where business and pleasure go hand-in-hand, as India’s busy young generation takes the time to stop and smell the roses

Experiential travel

Global trends suggest, travellers are open to unique and immersive experiences with local people and cultures across the world. The popularity of experiential travel destinations is increasing in comparison to traditional vacation destinations. Today’s youth is travelling to exotic destinations and are ensuring that they stay extra few days to submerge themselves in the local culture and experience something new. For millennials seeking a life of adventure and spontaneity, quality experience is everything – and they are always on the lookout for experiences that keep them happy and satisfied. A villa/hotel/lodge/B&B is more than just the gateway to the traveller’s destination. It is the route to its surroundings and the local experience that is prized by today’s traveller

A shift from hotels to villas & B&B’s

Holiday villas have become the new favourite for today’s generation – and millennials have started to discover how villas can sometimes be more suitable and practical accommodation choices for families, friends and reunions. Millennials love their privacy and in comparison to villas, the all-inclusive resorts are noisy and impersonal. Hotels are usually  very limiting and crowded – and holidaymakers are now looking for diverse and flexible holidays which offer peace and relaxation as their top two commodities

Tech-savvy travellers

For today’s generation, travel is a necessary tool for growth and discovery – made incredibly easy with technology. Instant access to price information and feature comparisons has led to 57% of consumers believing that online channels give them better deals – while 41% find it more convenient to book facilities online. For this generation, everything is a deal – with a better bargain or offers just a click aways.

For them technology is also a top priority, whether it’s a faster check-out system, vital Wi-Fi or USB ports in rooms – today’s travellers need to be constantly connected.

The selfie generation

The “word of mouth” of a generation ago has now been transformed into Instagram photos, Facebook posts and live tweets. There has been a multi-dimensional shift in the way people travel today, right from when they start to plan and then implement it. Technology and social media is the force behind this shift. Through Google Analytics, millions of customer actions were analyzed and the insight suggested that 87% of travellers consult social media for travel inspiration. [1]

Better connectivity and infrastructure

Little-known tourist destinations and home-stays have become popular and are eminently accessible as a result of flight and road transport options that can be accessed round the clock. All these have given rise to bespoke tourism that can include eco-tourism, educational tourism and even rural tourism. While young travellers now want to participate in new experiences, such as back-packing, volunteer tourism and working abroad – social media posts and travel blogs influence the choices of audiences who follow these posts.

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Saagar Panchal is the Founder & CEO started Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt ltd


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