Rune Reading For December 2014


arARIES (mar 21 – apr 19)

Your Runes:
Thurisaz, Laguz, Ansuz

Your efforts must be directed towards analysing what is best for your well being. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to incorporate new workout regimes into your daily routine. Yoga and meditation can help you stay focussed and achieve internal peace. You must maintain justice in relationships and put your heart into your work as that is the only way to succeed.

Key to success – Avoid negative people and situations.

TAURUSTaurus (apr 20 –  May 20)

Your Runes:
Laguz, Raidho, Berkana

Good news awaits you. Happiness can tap into your life in the form of a marriage proposal or pregnancy. Making the right decision at the appropriate time is required for spectacular growth and promotion in business or your job. Respecting your emotions will enable you to introspect and make better decisions in all spheres.

Key to success – Watch your thoughts.

GEMINIGEMINI (may 21 – jun 20)

Your Runes:
Ingwaz, Kenaz, Gebo

There is a high probability of positive growth in business. Full utilisation of creativity and an increased self awareness is required for harmony in life. You can strengthen personal relationships and bonding through your generosity and by sharing good things. You must act wise towards handling all kinds of situations.

Key to success – Follow your heart.

Untitled-4CANCER (jun 21 – jul 22)

Your Runes:
Dagaz, Sowilo, Fehu

There will be an abundance of health and wealth altogether. You can expect new partnerships and proposals for joint ventures. Your qualities of determination, dedication and ability to handle changes will enhance the prospects of good fortune. You are a helpful person and your behaviour will be adored.

Key to success – The gates are open for manifestation

Untitled-5LEO (jul 23 – aug 22)

Your Runes:
Haglaz, Mannaz, Jera

You will enjoy peace and happiness in your relationship. You will be rewarded for your great effort and patience. Your remarkable faithfulness to your partner will bring much satisfaction in your life. Be selective and accurate while taking important decisions. Be cautious of the changing weather conditions as it may affect your health.

Key to success – Follow your nature.

Untitled-6VIRGO (aug 23 – sep 22)

Your Runes:
Berkana, Mannaz, Wunjo

Your inspiring and humble leadership qualities make people follow you and your valuable advice. Your relationships are healthy because of your patience and understanding of complexities of life. You can prove yourself in new projects and proposals and boost your career graph. Working for social causes and a collective conscience will be beneficial for you

Key to success – Believe in yourself.

LibraLIBRA (sep 23 – oct 22)

Your Runes:
Ingwaz, Mannaz, Berkana

You can expect recovery from illnesses and a heightened consciousness. Analyse your professional issues for new discoveries at work that could be instrumental in moving on with the correct information. A woman would be a great support and you must respect and value her opinions. You can expect positivity and optimism through female energy.

Key to success – Surround yourself with positive people.

Untitled-8 copySCORPIO (oct 23 – nov 21)

Your Runes:
Radio, Ingwaz, Gebo

Follow the right diet and workout to stay fit. You are a fitness freak so you can achieve your targets now. Consistency is the only requirement now.  Honesty and truthfulness will bring harmony and respect in relationships. Deep knowledge and internal growth is required for success in business.

Key to success – Bring about major changes.
Untitled-8 copySAGITTARIUS (nov 22 – dec 21)

Your Runes:
Berkana, Fehu, Ansuz

The present time is a great opportunity to invest in the share market. You can expect immense commercial success through strategic planning and instinctive steps. Your spirits will be lifted as you face the realities in your relationships. You must stand up for your beliefs and for justice.

Key to success – Focus on achieving business targets

Untitled-9CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – jan 19)

Your Runes:
Mannaz, Hagalaz, Sowilo

Repeated health issues require immediate attention. You must not go for anything that does not suit you. Though there are chances of dispute and dissolution of partnerships, you will be benefitted in the long run. Appreciation for efforts in relations can be expected. Psychological blocks and emotional trauma will be replaced by clarity, peace and justice.

Key to success – Work your magic.

Untitled-10AQUARIUS (jan 20 – feb 18)

Your Runes:
Teiwaz, Ingwaz, Gebo

Emotional eating is highly detrimental to your health and well being. You must switch to a balanced diet and healthy eating patterns. For mental satisfaction, you can apply for a new job or career that you feel is better suited to your interests. Socializing and hanging out with friends in parties can be a good idea to build up on the happier pavement in your life.

Key to success – Surrender to God
pisPISCES (Feb 19 – mar 20)

Your Runes:
Ingwaz, Radio, Dagaz

Bringing about a change in your attitude towards others is essential. Try to understand alternate points of view to develop a bond of mutual respect. You can expect news that will make you happy. Following good habits will automatically lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle. This will gradually help you in becoming more confident and satisfied.

Key to success – Respect the support of women in your life


Sometimes when life gives you lemon, you give life a squeeze and make the most of the moment. That’s what Chandni is all about!

During a difficult phase of her life, Chandni – a homemaker and mother of 2 – sought recourse through tarot, healing and other predictive methods. The good it did to her had to be passed on, and that was Chandni’s inspiration to learn all about oracle and healing powers. She then sought formal education in the same, doing courses in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Philippines before setting up her own practice her. Chandni is probably the only Indian specialist in rune reading (the power to foretell future through stones), and among the pioneers of helping and healing through the world wide web – you can find her on Facebook, Skype, phone and now web consultancy too.

Her major skills include rune reading, tarot reading, healing through healing methods and special oils, pranic healing, angel healing and past life regression. She is also certified in hypnosis and past life therapies. As a gesture for passing on the good karma, Chandni also provides training in the same and is working towards credible international certifications for her teaching and courses.

Chandni is a major supported of events and exhibitions, and believes that through these events, she can reach out to people who ordinarily would be hesitant to approach her for assistance. Her humility and zest for life lead her work.

For consultancy, she can be contacted on 9818261990, found on Facebook through searching for page ‘oraclechandni’ or her website –

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