Lyrical Nude Photography By Akash Das

Beauty of the music and the nude human form

The beauty of the nude human form is one of nature’s finest creations. Whether you are the photographer, the model, or the viewer – once you look beyond the nudity – you cannot but appreciate the exquisite beauty, the sublime shapes, the soft curves, the interplay between dark and light, like a maestro’s ultimate symphony.

Lyrical Nude Photography By Akash Das

In this series, we attempt to explore and understand the relationship and connection between these two masterpieces, one visual and one aural, the nude and the symphony.

Feel the similarity between the lyrical beauty of a human form and a timeless composition, till the senses become one, and you can only look in awe – mesmerised by God’s own creation.


Bio: Akash is an award winning photographer and a pioneer in the field of visual communication and photography. A socially conscious person, he has also been part of social awareness and wildlife conservation campaigns in India. Akash exhibits internationally and currently has three ongoing international exhibitions – two in Paris and one in Hamburg.

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