Pressure to Look Perfect

Is it real for women?

– An Insight

Nothing can prepare you for your day at work; especially, in a patriarchal set up where everyone is constantly comparing you with others. Pressure to look is real for us women, irrespective of our job nature or industry. I meet and interact with women of all ages and stature and I can’t help but notice a concern amongs all, a concern that I once had to. Almost all of them have this constant ‘inadequacy of being perfect and flawless’.

The persistent lack of body confidence stops us from being who we really are, wearing certain clothes and even socializing. I have worked as an actor, anchor, and an RJ and I can tell you that being a part of entertainment industry, you’re always expected to look good. Although I personally believe that the way we look has a lot of impact on our psychological well-being, whether it’s simple everyday makeup or a bold statement one makes at work. After all, no one can really tell the difference between the bigger pictures, one that is unbiased of how you look.

Much of it is a result of our definition of beauty that we constantly see in advertisements or other marketing stints. In general,people have created a false, rather unattainable, perfect image of women with their ideal bodies that it has led to a constant pressure on us to replicate the same. I admit that even I have my insecurities, caused by as simple as a pimple on my forehead or the onset of even the slightest rolls on my stomach when I sit down but I also know these insecurities have not scarred my confidence.

We live in a society where we are considered to be perfect, but who is perfect after all? We all have our own set of imperfections and insecurities and we are all built differently. Shaming women for how confident they are of their looks, behavior, and dressing sense is foolish. For someone who constantly posts selfies is often tagged as “full of herself” or “self-absorbed”! My question is what’s wrong with being confident self-loving? Actually, nothing. In fact, more women should feel proud of themselves and in spite of being asked to dress or walk in a manner, they must just be themselves because they have the right to do so. And as women, I feel that we must lift each other and have each other’s back so that we stop the world from shaming another woman for being confident.

However, I would want to end this with clearing all the misbeliefs. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good or even losing an inch here and there, provided it is your purpose and not somebody else’s command. The only reason a woman should choose to do something is if it makes her happy.

It may sound tad clichéd but really, nobody is perfect! Perfect isn’t even real and our imperfections make us stand alone, away from the crowd.


An actress, radio jockey, video jockey, anchor and a journalist – the woman who owns it all! An Indo-British achiever in India and abroad. After years of training in hospital radio, local community radio stations and a degree in Journalism from the University of Arts, London, Anushka’s talent got recognized when she was recognized amongst the top five “Best Presenter of the Year” at the Hospital Radio Awards, 2008


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