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Dental Myths Busted

There exist a limitless amount of oral healthcare myths out there. Each one of us is likely to have a little ‘trick’ or ‘fact’ pertaining to dental health that they have picked up along the way. While some myths may not be detrimental, but misapprehensions about our health can be a different matter altogether. Unfortunately most of these aren’t quite factual and in turn can avert us from getting the appropriate dental care we require.

So let’s try and extract some of those myths and get down to the root of what is the truth and what is false and fabricated.

There is no need for one to floss

This is an absolute false myth that can adversely affect your overall oral health condition. Teeth flossing is an extremely significant step in upholding good oral health and it should preferably be done at least once in a day. Your toothbrush only has the ability to clean the front and back area of the teeth but it fails to properly clean the sides of your teeth. A toothbrush cannot fit in those small openings in between the teeth and gums. By avoiding flossing you are definitely missing out on cleaning almost thirty three percent of the surface of the tooth and in turn you are leaving behind a lot of bacteria and plaque. The germs that is left in between your enamels and gums over time can lead to faulty breath, gum ailment, tooth decay and pain.

It is only sugar that is responsible for tooth decay

It’s true, consuming too much of processed sugar definitely upsurges the danger of tooth decay. This is because the moment the sugary edibles are broken down, they tend to feed the plaque-generating microorganisms in your mouth and generates the acids that can wear away the teeth surface. But even if you consume a diet which contains less of sugar foods you still are at a high risk of developing cavities if you fail to correctly and regularly brush and floss. Starchy diets also comprise of carbohydrates that can lead to the formation of plaque and decay.

Diet drinks are better for your teeth

Along with sugar that is present in soft drinks, another factor contributing to damaging oral health is the acidity in these drinks. Over-time, sugar-free carbonated drinks can lead just as much damage to the enamel, possibly causing you to experience heightened sensitivity, cavities, or even loss of tooth. The natural sugars present in some fruit juices can also be just as harmful. Water is the best kind of fit and refreshing substitute to soft drinks.

White enamels are healthy

You might definitely love the appearance of white enamels, but you must note that they aren’t always a fool-proof signal of oral health! The colour of natural teeth colour differs in lightness, particularly as we age. Just because your enamels are white doesn’t mean you can evade visiting the dental expert for a check-up. There is a vast possibility that you may still have cavities, contagions or other oral health snags that need to be treated as soon as possible.

Whitening harms your teeth

Contemporary techniques of teeth whitening are characteristically considered to be safe – as long as you have your enamels whitened by a skilled dental expert at a dental clinic.

Braces are only suitable for kids

Although it’s common for kids and teens to obtain orthodontic treatment, today more and more adults are also opting for the treatment. Gone are the days of train-track braces, today the various advances and developments made in clear braces are offering a more discreet choice for adults who could not effectively address their orthodontic issues when they were younger.

Don’t brush bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are a major sign of irritation caused as a result of plaque build-up, it can also cause gum infection and much bigger glitches awaiting down the line. Often when somebody suffers from a bleeding in the gum they will tend to completely back off from their regular brushing because they consider it to be the cause of the bleeding, this actually is doing more destruction than good. To evade bleeding gums, it is imperative to continue brushing and flossing your teeth to clear away any plaque build-up. Ensure you are making use of an extra-soft toothbrush and moving in mild circular motions across the teeth and gums. If your gums endure to bleed then it is a clear indication of infection and it is very essential that you should seek professional care so it can be cured and brought under control.

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Dr. Karishma Jaradi

Dr. Karishma Jaradi, is Aesthetic Dentist at Dentzz Dental Care Centres

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