How to maintain the suppleness of youth

Blossom Kochhar gives her expert opinion

Junk food, unlimited partying, a hectic schedule and fun are the motto of today’s youth. However in this scenario somewhere down the line today’s Gen Y tend to neglect the most important part of their lives… So what is the easiest way to take care of yourself without much ado?

The basic homemade theories regarding health are your best friends at every phase of your life:

Drink as much water as you can

Woman drinking water in gym, eyes closed, close-up

Woman drinking water in gym, eyes closed, close-up

This should essentially become the mantra for your life as the biggest issue with today’s generation is their apathy towards drinking water. Always remember that water enhances the beauty of your hair and skin so the more we drink, the better is our hair and skin quality. Try and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and it will be an added benefit if there is an increase in your water intake as water rids your body of toxins and helps you achieve a healthy looking skin which is of top priority for the youth of today. People who are ‘aquaholics’ seem to possess thick hair and vibrant skin.

Healthy and Nutritious Diet

First and foremost reduce the insane consumption of Junk food as that seems to be a major diet portion for the upcoming generation. A diet that is balanced and rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients should become the talk of the day as a healthy diet helps you in having a healthy body which in turn leads to healthy living. Try and avoid “fast” food as much as you can. Substitute it with fruits and vegetables. Do try and avoid eating oily food rich in fats.

Proper Work-Out Sessions


Staying fit is very essential to maintain the suppleness of the youth today. A regular regime of exercise and yoga will help you to stay stress-free thus increasing your strength and energy levels. It is a very genuine and a known concept that once you are mentally relieved a kind of warmth and glow will be circulated in your body and a feeling of genuine happiness will flood through your inner being. Once you can achieve this state of “A Happy Mind and Soul” you will see that many problems are automatically solved. A happy being is sure to have healthy hair and skin apart from a healthy mind and soul.

Go to bed with a clean and makeup-free face and body

It is the trend in today’s youth to resort to cosmetics and make up which usually involves the usage of artificial products as raw materials. Resort more to aromatherapy-based products which are natural and allow you to enjoy the beauty of youth without the choice of harmful chemicals.

However, makeup should be washed and removed before going to bed. Any residual make up will clog your pores, leading to skin problems. Not only the foundation, do take care to remove all traces of lipstick through a thorough cleansing process. Remove any creams or sprays that were applied on your hair during the day. One way is to wipe your hair with warm water to take off any chemical residue. Thereafter, you can oil your scalp and keep it overnight.

During weekends or leisure hours, oil your hair and cover it with a net skullcap to prevent it from being exposed to exterior dust particles. Leave it for at least an hour and then use a natural shampoo before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Get adequate sleep

Get ample sleep as lack of sleep can make you feel groggy and lazy. An average of 7 hours of sleep is essential to keep you healthy and fit as oversleeping during odd hours of the day may give rise to long term health issues.

So, for maintaining suppleness during your youth resort to fun definitely, but do not ignore the homemade basics that are above any cosmetic to make you look healthier, prettier and allow you to have beautiful skin and hair.


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