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Interior Design

Interior Design Elements

Hotel interiors are now an art form unto themselves – best exemplified by the lavish, elegant and  environmentally conscious design elements incorporated in the interiors of the newly opened Pullman Gurgaon Central Park Hotel in Delhi NCR by India’s leading interior designer Sarabjit Singh.

An upscale business hotel, with contemporary architecture that is highlighted with natural lighting, Pullman Gurgaon Central Park offers the all-encompassing package of service, technology and comfort. It offers both – the delight of having a home away from home and efficient workspaces for the business traveller.Pullman Hotel - Interior Design

Creating Luxury Hotels

Interior design of luxury hotels is all about creating environments where both resident and guests can be made to feel welcomed and be provided with facilities for rest, relaxation and indulgence. While the interior design of luxury hotels – specially the guest-rooms and guest areas – is a fluid and constantly evolving industry, current trends and forecasts indicate that while luxury and opulence will always be in high demand, an understated elegance and a tilt towards nature are also being appreciated by both hoteliers and guests. This is the very design philosophy that ace designer Sarbjit Singh has used while designing the spectacular interiors of this hotel.

The Pullman’s interiors are bold and beautiful, spectacular, spacious and sophisticated, while providing luxury accommodation.

From the imposing building exterior façade to the entrance and lobby areas, the interiors are bold and dramatic. Sarbjit’s interiors make a statement with the bright colour palettes, striking architecture, contemporary forms, straight-lined furniture designs and luxurious furnishings and artwork.

The hotel’s reception and lobby, with its eye-catching chandelier, colourful large wall-art and the geometric-designed carpet is the first sign of greater things to come, powered by Pullman Art, which takes guests on a journey through the gallery of life expressed in the form of digital paintings, glass work, sculptures, ceramics, steel artwork and pottery, by both renowned artists and upcoming talent.

The Bar LoungeBar Lounge - Interior Design

The Bar Lounge, with its colourful LED lights, custom-designed furniture and wooden flooring is designed as a warm and inviting place to relax and chill out.

The clever marriage of design elements in Senses, the All-Day Dining – presenting a sensory world cuisine experience, visual delights, bespoke music and the personal touch of the Pullman Person. Sarabjit’s focus on spaciousness has become a highlight of this area – the busiest in the entire hotel – with a design that is relaxed and unpretentious, yet revitalizing, rejuvenating and exciting.Corridor - Interior Design

La Riviera – Fine dining

La Riviera – the fine-dining concept of interior design of serving Southern French-Italian coastal cuisine – catering to  the more discerning traveller with stunning expansive views of the surrounding Aravalli hills as well as the Gurgaon cityscape. In keeping with the industry trend of becoming more sustainable and environmentally responsible, Sarabjit has ensured that the design of the hotel interiors are going green – after all, ‘green is the new black.’

“The design of the hotel interiors are going green – after all, green is the new black.”

Frence Rivera - Interior Design

Re-ducing, re-using, re-cycling and re-thinking are the new buzzwords. Sarabit has integrated ‘greener’ materials and products into the interiors and design  – while retaining the look, layout and functionality of the hotel. The focus has been on natural and re-usable materials  – with a preference for local elements and crafts. These innovative design concepts have been exceeding effective – so that even city hotels like the Pullman Gurgaon Central Park located in urban jungles, provide guests with an atmosphere of privacy, calm and serenity. Bringing together modernity and luxury, Sarabjit’s designs and décor give guests the best of style, technological convenience and elegant indulgence.

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