Always a Diva – Mallika Sherawat

Always a Diva - Mallika Sherwat

Face2Face : Mallika

From Khwahish till now,what would you say about your route to stardom? How would you review your performance in Bollywood and Hollywod ?

I had a relatively easy and rapid rise to stardom as both Khwahish and Murder attracted a huge amount of media and public interest and were box office hits. Maintaining that position has been hard work, and I’m still working at it. I have a lot to be grateful for, but I have a long way to go before I’m satisfied with my performances. It all depends on the quality of scripts I’m able to find.

Are you affected by the box office results? How do you feel if the movie doesn’t go well?

Anybody working in commercial cinema who says they’re not affected by the box office is either an idiot or a liar. Who won’t feel terrible if something they’ve worked on for a year fails?

What about your achievements?

For a girl from Haryana, one of the most misogynistic and backward places in the world, even being a self sufficient, independent woman is a huge achievement. Haryana, being the flagbearer for female foeticide, infanticide, under-age marriage, dowry deaths, honour killings, rape and domestic violence, it’s a miracle I even exist.

What about the growing expectations from audiences and critics?

The audience and media expectations are far lower than my own expectations. I’m my biggest critic and I’m more afraid of my own criticisms than the media’s and the audiences’, who have been very kind to me.Always a Diva - Mallika Sherwat

Being a celebrity, you are always in the  media glare. Please comment. Does this irritate you ?

Everyone knows it’s part of the job. If it irritates you, you should quit. In fact, you should only be worried if there is no media interest.

How do you react to the controversies related to your professional and personal life. Are you hurt?

I don’t think I’m very controversial. It’s some of the characters I have played that have been labelled ‘controversial’. I’m a vegan, I don’t drink, smoke or gamble and I’ve had no affairs with any filmstars – My life has been pretty boring compared to my contemporaries.

Any dream role which you crave and why?

I’d like to do a biopic sometime, real life historical figure. That would be fun and challenging.

How do you deal with your obsessed fans and stalkers?

I inform my 6- ft tall muscle-head brother (laughs).

The unknown facts about Mallika?

I am a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from Miranda House in Delhi. After having read a range of philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche and Krishnamurthy, I’d like to quote the great Billy Wilder –  “Always believe that tomorrow is the day!”

The buzz is that you have  been approached by a publishing house to pen down your memoirs. Please comment? If you accept, will it be an honest account of your life?

If I get down to it, it will have to be brutally honest. I’ll do it when I’m ready to permanently move out of India as we are not very tolerant of honesty .

Your comments on the upcoming actresses?

Some of them are very pretty and fitter than their predecessors. One or two can dance pretty well.

Tell us something about your next ventures?

I’m doing an interesting project in the US and a K. C. Bokadia film based on Bhanwari Devi.

Five years from now where do you see yourself?

On a film set. Hopefully I’ll die on one. There’s no place I would rather be.

Are you affected by stardom?


Down the memory, do you miss something?

Since I grew up in what is hell for women, I miss nothing. I am just grateful I escaped from Haryana.

In the family, whom are you closest with?

My brother.

The Beautiful Mallika

Beauty products you use

I love products that help the skin stay radiant and luminescent.The brands I like are Tatcha- a skin care line based on the wisdom of the Geisha. The line is clean and has simple ingredients like camellia flowers and rice bran oil. YSL is my foundation, the touché éclat foundation melts into my skin with accurate colour matching.

Always a Diva - Mallika Sherwat

Beauty regime from morning till night

Steam for the skin, adding moisture and releasing impurities from the skin. Very gentle skin exfoliation. Secret tip – In colder climates,I might use Xvirgin Coconut oil on my skin at night.

Essentials you never miss to ensure that your skin remains healthy and glowing

Diet is primary. Dairy is hard for the body to break down and digest, so I have alternatives like almond milk and hemp milk. Meat is a strict no. Not only is it hard to digest, but also creates acidic blood that definitely ages you. Plus I’m against cruelty to animals. To keep my skin clean and hydrated, i love to have a hydrate mist. It could be just 100 per cent pure water that I add some rose essential oil to and apply in morning and night.

The visit to beauty salons

I don’t frequent the salon much, except for hair cuts because with all of the healthy eating, my hair grows fast. What I can do at home is far more beneficial for my skin and health.

Beauty treatments that come straight from the kitchen 

Cold Xvirgin Coconut oil in the morning and eggs in the hair.

Beauty food

Goji berries and granola made from quinoa, oats, millet, buckwheat and fresh fruit.

By Sangeeta Narula

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