Ladakh Inspiring Beauty

‘Land of High Passes’ – Ladakh

Breathtaking Views of Ladakh

Even the freezing temperatures of the colder climates didn’t deter our model from looking pretty for our cameras in a Sulakshana Monga pink dress at Pangong Lake.

Ladakh Inspiring Beauty

Green Meadows

Beautiful lush green meadows of Ladakh, towering mountains on the horizon blend to form a picturesque landscape. The model strikes a pose in a bright yellow kaftan by Vandana Sethi.

Ladakh Inspiring Beauty

Pristine Waters

The scenic vistas on the road to Pangong lake provide the perfect photo opportunity. The model is seen sporting a long sleeved printed top designed by Vandana Sethi with purple tights and boots.

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Snow-capped Mountains

The rugged terrains at Hunder, Nubra valley stand in sharp contrast to the orange empire waistline silhouette worn by the model.

Ladakh Inspiring Beauty

Rugged Landscapes

The rugged landscapes of Ladakh surrounding the Thikse monastory was ideal for the next shot with the model posing in a Vandana Sethi outfit.

Ladakh Inspiring Beauty

Designer: Vandana Shetty and Sulakshana Monga

Model and Make-up: Dawn Mortimer

Photography: Abraxas Photography

Facts About Ladakh

  • High altitude region ranging from 9000 feet (2,750 m) at Kargil to 25,170 feet (7,672 m) at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram.
  • It is home to Tsomoriri Lake which measures 28 km long with 7 – 8 km at the widest points. It is a paradise for wild animals and here you can spot cranes, wild ducks, and some other small birds and marmots.
  • The unimaginable happens in Ladakh…imagine how surprised you will be to see a lake at 4350 meters above the sea level. Well, Pangong Lake is the highest salt lake and it is situated high up in the Ladakh Mountains.
  • Ladakh is a region of festivals, mostly due to being home to two of world major religions – Hinduism and Buddhism. Among the most popular festivals are Hemis, Dosmoche, Losar, Sindhu Darshan, Ladakh and Tak-Tok.
  • Don’t forget to visit the  Ladakh hills and mountains for a day or two. You will find that high altitude is not as bad as some people will make you believe.

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