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Holiday Villas for a Relaxing Holiday

“Work hard, party harder” is the mantra of today’s millennial generation who turn business travel into weekend getaways and demand the best of both worlds. Holiday makers are now looking for diverse and flexible holidays. Peace, quiet and relaxation are priceless commodities, especially on your holidays. When you want to completely relax and get far away from the crowd and also be able to work as and when you want then there’s really only one choice a private holiday villa. With no noisy neighbours, holiday reps or room service to contend with, relaxation is total and your options unlimited.

Moreover, born in the lap of technology, millennials evolved with smart phones in one hand and ultra-fast internet in the other, creating a “shared economy” where resources are accessed rather than owned. In a survey conducted by Goldman Sachs, 60% of millennials did not feel strongly about owning a house while 82% of millennials save up for experiences that they can connect to.

For today’s generation, travel is a necessary tool for growth and discovery, made incredibly easy with technology. Instant access to price information and feature comparisons has led to 57% of consumers believing that online channels give them better deals, while 41% find it more convenient to book facilities online. For this generation of millennial, everything is a deal, with a better bargain or offers just a click away. In comparison, the all-inclusive resorts are noisy and impersonal. Hotels are very limiting and crowded. Holiday villas on the other hand offer flexibility, a better lifestyle, and value for money and more enjoyable holidays. Imagine a family of four, two adults and two children, staying together in a hotel room. Two double beds with little room between them, a small balcony and just one bathroom. Sounds like a relaxing holiday? Now imagine the same family staying in a villa with a private pool, with two, three or four bedrooms, a full kitchen, separate private bathrooms, large living areas, balconies and terraces. It’s a home from home with all the comforts you’d expect – and all the elements for a relaxing holiday. It is perfect for young children as eating out regularly can be difficult and costly with young children. In a holiday villa one has the best of both worlds. Holiday villas are family friendly and young children can play safely. Most owners can provide cots, highchairs, safety gates, inflatable toys and many other items for a family friendly holiday in a private villa.

The younger generation has different plans, they prefer to enjoy life to its fullest and travel is on the top of their bucket list. And when they travel, they prefer living in large fancy villas compared to smaller hotel rooms. For them, space to share and space to be themselves adds up to a relaxing holiday. Furthermore, millennials enjoy their private time and holiday villas are more private than hotel rooms – no scrambling for sun loungers or sharing a pool with others. You can sleep at any time of day or night without being disturbed by other guests passing your hotel door.
Lastly, holiday villas are a very suitable and practical accommodation choice for families, friends, reunions, small parties, small conferences, destination weddings, long term holidays and generally for any group of people who want to stay together during their holidays. A holiday villa can make a great reunion meeting place for family and friends who live in different parts of the world.

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Saagar Panchal
Saagar Panchal, is the Founder & CEO of Hireavilla Hospitality Pvt

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