Emotions – the Essence of Music

Why do we listen to songs on loop?

Every time your favourite singer comes up with a new song, you find yourself listening to it on loop. You play it when you wake up, while travelling and even while preparing your meal. Why is that so? Is it just your obsession with the song or is there a deeper science behind it?

Shweta Bisht, Spiritual healer explains how music is so tied to our emotions. “People listen to songs on a loop because of how the song makes them feel. It is a form of meditation which in turn gives them solace. It connects them to the divine,” she says, adding “Music has different vibrations – happy sad, excitement, courage attached with it. Different strings of music create these feelings and that’s why music holds the power to affect our mood positively as well as negatively.”

It’s easy to find people who listen to a specific song/music 20 times in their earbuds. This might sound boring to the other person but the listener is actually feeling the vibrations of that song deep within. The feeling is so deep and intense that the person might go in a trance where only one thing is going in his mind and communication is happening within him/her,” she further explains.

“If your intentions are correct and you have purity in your heart while playing/listening to music, you can easily connect with the divine energy.”

The essence of music helps us to create memories; with the help of music you feel a thought. As said when the music hits you, you feel no pain, she concludes.

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Celebrity Spiritual Healer Shweta Bisht
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