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Ways to Drape your Sari

Saris can be formal, fun, traditional and so much more but wearing them in one style can make the most interesting and expensive look a tad boring. How about giving this six yard wonder a different draping every time you step out?

Sari as a gown

This style is comfortable yet very chic. It gives a classy look that can be a perfect choice for a cocktail outfit. These sari gowns are for those who don’t want to tuck in and drape saris the traditional way. Even if you step over the pleats and tucks, the sari-cum-gown stays in place.

Sari over pants

To look trendier, you can opt for the pant style sari. For this, you would need a pair of jeggings or leggings, crop top or choli and heels. Just start by pleating one end of the sari as you would want to drape it, pinning it up and tucking it into your pants at the centre and then the other end can be draped as a chunni across the shoulders in various ways.

Sari over lehenga

Like traditional sari, one can wear lehenga style sari over a skirt along with a beautifully designed blouse. This look is achieved with the help of several pleats tucked around the waist giving an illusion of a lehenga. This is an outfit for ladies who are not comfortable with usual draping and pleating that the regular sari demands.

Mermaid style

This style is suitable for almost all body types especially for the ones with a curvaceous figure. This kind of drape gives a slimmer look to the wearer. The lower portion of the sari is draped in such a way that it looks like a skirt and there are only two pleats made in front. Pick a sari with a heavy pallu or embellished border for the mermaid style look.

Sari in Kaashtha style

It’s also known as the sari style of Maharashtra.This style is different from other traditional draping preferred by Indian women. The sari is also longer and no petticoat is required. Pair this look with a nose ring and some jasmine flowers for your hair!

Sari with Dupatta

After all, it’s all about unleashing your inner creativity. This sari draping style created by Dolly Jain gives elegant and royal look. While a lehenga Sari spruces up your entire look, a dupatta drape adds some much-needed royal drama. The most timeless and elegant draping in the book, this style of draping lends panache and elegance to your entire look. All you have to do is drape your sari normally and tuck one end of the dupatta on the right side of your waist, then go ahead and drape it from under your left arm and throw it over your right shoulder like a sari pallu. The perfect style for all every close-knit family wedding function. Plus, it’s also a celebrity favourite.

Traditional drape with two saris and one dupatta

If draping your Sari with one dupatta was not quite as dramatic, say hello to draping your life away with not just one but two Saris and a dupatta! While this is the most unique draping style created by Dolly Jain, it can get really tricky. Choose two saris before proceeding with this kind of styling. Drape the first sari the regular way, but make sure the pallu is left in the front on the left side. Next up, pleat and drape the other side from the back on the right side. While one sari is pleated on the right and draped in a conventional way over the left shoulder, the other is pleated on the left side and draped over the right shoulder, thus giving the attire a super voluminous effect.

Sari draped over kurta

This draping style is for all our Gen Z’s and millennials. Either opt for matching hued kurta and sari or simply bring together two contrasting colours, and watch the outfit magically set in place. Perfect to make a power-packed statement at all your office parties! It’s all about the art of mix and match!

Sari with culottes or palazzos

Never been a fan of the good old jeans? Die-hard lover of the culotte and palazzo trend? Then, all you need to do is switch your jeans for your favourite pair of palazzos and drape it the exact same way.

Double Cowl Sari Drape

The best way to add a little glam quotient to your sari is to give it the cowl drape. Start by tucking your sari at four points (front, back and on both sides) while you wrap it around in an anti-clock direction. Pleat it as you would normally do, but the difference is instead of throwing the pallu over your left shoulder; draw it over your right shoulder, that too from behind. Finally, take the left tip of the pallu and secure it to your blouse with safety pins. Might sound a tad bit complicated, but practice can make just about anyone perfect. Works like magic for any outdoor or dreamy destination weddings.

About the Drap Artist

Dolly Jain is a Celebrity drape artist

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