Celebrate Womanhood – Sonia Mehra

Sonia Mehra Couture Spring- Summer 2019

The line of ingeniously modern collection with an experimental cut and exaggerated drama in subtle hues. A perfect example of strength in Motion- where  femininity means Power and luxury means Confidence…
Ruby Machra – Mrs Universe North West Asia 2019, looking ethereal in Sonia Mehra Couture Spring summer 2019.


Minimal and clean design aesthetic
Feminine dreamy designs and delicate detailing
Luxury and comfort are the key factors
Focuses on crafting perfect wardrobe staples and showstoppers
Modern but with a retro twist

About the Designer

Sonia Mehra Couture 
is one of the shining names in the Indian  Fashion industry. Sonia Mehra has formed a forte for herself in the country’s fashion scene due to her breathtaking clothing range which includes intricately embellished Bridals to refreshing Prêt wear. She has gained massive global reputation in Bridal wear with her extravagant heritage couture that showcases her intricate embellishments sculpted in luxuriant fabrics in both bold and soft hues. Fashion has been a part of her life from the time she was a little girl. She poured over fashion magazines and immersed herself in the glamour and poise depicted on the pages. Her expertise in illustrations and drawings naturally drove her towards her debut show where she marked her signature style of using intricate craftsmanship along with her unique way of playing with colors. This attention to detail has set her apart from rest in the industry. Her vision for intricacy and modern cuts made her step into the world of Prêt. She launched her first Prêt collection, which was based on straight and simple cuts with a unique focus on each outfit. . She showcased her Luxury  & Prêt collection  at Fashion Weeks and received an amazing feedback. This collection was inspired by the famous Mughal Wear.   From there on she has continued to introduce new collections in her Prêt wear on a regular basis, which is getting a great response from her clients.
She has also showcased her designs internationally in Dubai where she was applauded for her exquisite collections.
 Her Prêt collection is a proof that although Bridals maybe her forte, she can equally amaze the world with her prints.

Model : Ruby Machra 
Clothing line: Sonia Mehra Couture
Photography: Sangeet Kaushik
Studio: Swanling Studio Mumbai
Make up Hair: Ayesha Das Dowerah

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