Body art : Catnipped

Body art by Aaron Fernandes: In her own twist on the classic fairytale, Puss in Boots

Once upon a time an old miller gave what little he had to his three sons. However all that the youngest boy received was a cat. Tired of his mourning and groaning, the cat decided to use tact and wit and seek a size fortune for his new master. Off with just a bag and a pair of boots, Puss sets off catching game and presenting it to the king as being from his master. Rabbits, quail, and geese all made up the most admirable of gifts that the king could be presented with.

Body art by Aaron Fernandes

After concocting stories about the most unimaginable master ‘The Marquis of Carabas’, Puss gets about killing evil ogres and setting the village folk free in return for…well you can go on and on making up stories if you want now can’t you? However, in this ‘true’ story, Aaron Fernandes ends this series of fairytale body art painting with perhaps the most outstanding idea, and paints model Dawn Mortimer as our very own tail twisting, cat-nipping, fur-launting, swashbuckling ‘Puss in Boots’. The cat here could very well be man’s best friend but will not stoop down to admitting it.

Her tawny fur, crimson waistcoat and buckle are belting out boldness and the most unmistakable boots made for more than just walking, can all be aptly summed up in just one word – ‘Perfect’. In this finale of the most interesting and exciting artistic exploration, Aaron Fernandes, Dawn Mortimer and Jude D’silva take storytelling to an altogether different level saving the best for last – a true treat for the senses. They say that if curiosity killed the cat, take a look at her and it’s you who will be curious…

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