Masahiko Sato presents the I2 House

Masahiko Sato  

The I2 House or the Court House is located in a crowded residential area in Inasa city in Nagasaki.

Photography: Ishii Norihisa

Home to two generations, the house is flanked by streets on its east and south sides. In the eastern side, a two-floor house is opposite to it, and in the southern side, a two-floor shop stands in opposite side of the road. The two other sides of the house are adjacent to existed resident houses. Roughly speaking, the environment of construction planning is not promising.

The house has been conceptually designed to bring nature and light into the house while protecting the privacy of its inhabitants at the same time. Optimal use of the existing floor area was also kept in mind during the creation of the concept. To realise these, four strategies have been implemented.

Masahiko Sato

The first one was omitting the fence, therefore allowing for more space. Meanwhile, for optimal space usage, a 3-floors wooden house was brought into the plan.

The second was to build a vertical connected light court from the second floor to the ground floor. This realises the assumption of bringing nature and light inside while still ensuring privacy and safety.

Third, on the central balcony of second floor, material that lets in air and light was used to make sure that the light and air reached the ground floor.

Fourthly, the rooms have been arranged around the light court. The wall near the light court side is brought into the vertical-slit-window design in order to create better ventilated rooms.

These strategies fulfilled the theme and concepts brought up.

Masahiko Sato

To create a fashionable and simple visual sense from the outside, the ground floor and the first floor have been painted black and the second floor is white. Besides, the wall of the light court on the ground floor has been painted in white, which combines with the light coming out through the slit, giving out a feeling of warmth and peace to people around.

Masahiko Sato


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