Self knowledge will help you to be in a healthy state of mind and body. Work towards your goal and stay focused. You must make sacrifices to keep harmony in your relationship. You will win hearts through logical thinking and logical behaviour. Follow your heart when it comes to your career – do what makes you happyand fulfilled so that you can reach great heights.

Rune Guidance: Uruz

Use your strength to heal yourself in all sectors.



Gebo, Wunjo, Eihwaz
Sharing your experiences and learning new things will be beneficial. Go slow to get back in shape. All financial issues will be sorted out this month with ease.Increase your personal relationships, and bring stability and patience. Be happy and keep a positive state of mind.

Rune Guidance: Isa

Breakthrough from psychological blocks



Ansuz, Sowilo, Gebo
Follow a simple lifestyle so that can enjoy long term happiness and health. Naturopathy and ayurveda help to control ailments. Work on your individual victory and it will bring you honour and rewards. Your personal relationship will improve; surprise your spouse with gifts.

Rune Guidance: Gebo

Work on your personal relationship



Algiz, Thurisaz,Fehu
More and more meditation will connect you to the higher self. Try to be regular with meditation and do charity in physical terms. Silence is the key to happiness this month. Open up to new ventures and offers, and full focus and force will bring the highest abundance.Break down boundaries, it’s time to change. Overall it is a financially successful month. Emotional support and happiness will come in the form of a new relationship. There will be good news about marriage or a pregnancy.

Rune Guidance: Haglaz

Stay away from every type of disturbance and distraction.



Thurisaz, Jera, Perthro
Do not stick to one thing – try different activities to stay fit and toned. Your will power will help to achieve your desired fitness. Be persistent to your goal. It’s time to reap your rewards. It is a fruitful season which will bring peace and happiness. You have good karma so it is time to enjoy.You will find hidden information in relationships but don’t react until you have a reason.

Rune Guidance: Aligz

Be in awareness



Uruz, Othala, Ansuz
For you, health is wealth.  Do some strengthening exercises and work on your immunity. This is the time when you develop more physical and spiritual understanding and growth. There are chances that you will inherit property. See the reality in relationships, trust your intuition and act accordingly.

Rune Guidance: Zera

Work for an increase in income



Mannaz, Wunjo, Othala
Bring full awareness and collective conscience of humanity. Incomplete knowledge is dangerous. A good and luxurious lifestyle will be your priority this month. You will work for joy of life with the full support of your team. There is growth in spirituality and physical journeys. Nothing happens without a reason.

Rune Guidance: Ansuz

The voice within


Eihwaz, Ehwaz, Othala
Control your anger; it will increase your inner strength. Try to be stable in all sectors for favourable results. Without teamwork you cannot achieve success. Trust, clarity, and loyalty bring abundance.  Your elders need more love and affection. Never underestimate the knowledge of others.

Rune Guidance: Dagaz

Power to change self



Dagaz, Perthro, Kenaz
Work on yourself, as only you can bring about a change in yourself for the highest good. Go through all your documents so that you are aware. Bring all information and awareness about upcoming projects to avoid losses and damages.  Try to express your feelings for a smoother relationship. You can also suggest an outing with your beloved for a harmonious relationship.

RUNE Guidance: Wunjo

You deserve good in all ways.



If you’re facing regular health issues then go for a routine checkup.  Your inspiration and continuous motivation will bring success and appreciation, monetary gains and awards. Any kind of misunderstanding will put you in a bad situation so it is better to sort it out now. It would be appreciated.

Rune Guidance: Ingwaz

Be ready for a new life



Raido, Teiwaz, Sowilo
You need to proceed in the right way to approach a good and healthy lifestyle. Be physically active so that you can stay in shape and be sharp. Logical thinking is required to achieve the financial status you desire and to achieve your individual victory when it comes to personal relationships.

Rune Guidance: Wunjo

Remember your self-worth



Isa, Ansuz, Sowilo
Psychological blocks will be rid of soon, so the law of attraction will work in your case.  Be happy and enjoy happiness as it will fall in your way always. You need to have a true vixion for long term business profits. Self knowledge is required for abundance and longevity. Fulfill your relationship with full faith in yourself and in others too. You will be in demand because of your goodwill.

Rune Guidance: Sowilo

Be happy



Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you give it a squeeze and make the most of the moment. That’s what Chandni is all about!

During a difficult phase of her life, Chandni – a homemaker and mother of 2 – sought recourse through tarot, healing and other predictive methods. The good it did to her had to be passed on, and that was Chandni’s inspiration to learn all about oracle and healing powers. She then sought formal education in the same, doing courses in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Philippines before setting up her own practice. Chandni is probably the only Indian specialist in rune reading (the power to foretell future through stones), and among the pioneers of helping and healing through the world wide web – you can find her on Facebook, Skype, phone and now web consultancy too.

Her major skills include rune reading, tarot reading, healing through healing methods and special oils, pranic healing, angel healing and past life regression. She is also certified in hypnosis and past life therapies. As a gesture for passing on the good karma, Chandni also provides training in the same and is working towards credible international certifications for her teaching and courses.

Chandni is a major supporter of events and exhibitions, and believes that through these events, she can reach out to people who ordinarily would be hesitant to approach her for assistance. Her humility and zest for life lead her work.

For consultancy, she can be contacted on 9818261990, found on Facebook through searching for page ‘oraclechandni’ or her website –

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