1_1ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Your Runes: Ansuz, Sowilo, Fehu

You need to take good care your health, balance and recovery. Self-knowledge about health and nutrition will help you a lot. You will achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and they will get recognised. You will achieve rewards and awards for your hard work. You will feel complete seeing your hard work pay off.  Don’t be disheartened if somebody takes you wrong.

Algiz: Awakening and protection to higher self.

2_1Taurus (Apr 20 –  May 20)

Your Runes: Teiwaz, Ansuz, Laguz

Adopting healthy and nutritious eating patterns will help you win all your elements. Stay focussed and motivated. This will help you in achieving all your goals successfully. Don’t be afraid of your natural emotions. Accept them. Believe that there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself openly. Accept all your feeling and emotions as blessings and feel free to let them flow inside you.

Thurisaz: Breaking down of boundaries.

  3GEMINI(May 21 – Jun 20)

Your Runes: Othala, Dagaz, Ansuz

Your physical and spiritual journey will continue to surprise you and present you with chances of growth on all levels and aspects of life. You will feel energetic and sorted in your thoughts and endeavours. This year, you will walk towards prosperity if you plan well. Organise your  path towards your aspirations and success will be yours. Trust your intuition.

Haglaz: Breakup or major shift will bring positve result.

4CANCER(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Your Runes: Jera, Fehu, Eihwaz

Staying peaceful and embracing happiness will put you in a healthy state of mind and body. Be ready for a great success and financial gain in your professional endeavour. If you are going through any kind of riff in personal relations, a patch up seem slikely. It will increase the positive vibe in you and give you strength to overcome any ordeals that are to come.

Laguz: Renewal in emotions is needed.

7_1LEO(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Your Runes: Gebo, Haglaz, Sowilo

Keep your thoughts clear and transparent. You have blessings on you and they are sure to bring you good health. Discover the power of sharing and caring for people other than yourself.  It will bring immense bliss in your life. There will be a major shift in your life soon – in the sphere of business or travelling. Deal with your relationships well. If you consider them as a burden they will become so.

Berkana: New beginnings.

6VIRGO(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Your Runes: Eihwaz, Ansuz, Sowilo

Life is beautiful. Believe in this with a true heart and you will see stability and patience increase in yourself. You will also gain personal strength also. True vision and self knowledge will increase as you let your emotions flow. The key to a good and healthy relationship is happiness. If you stay happy, you will make your partner and the people surrounding you happy too.

Mannaz: Awareness.

8LIBRA(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Your Runes: Othala, Mannaz, Sowilo

When all help fails, home remedies come to the rescue. These remedies are going to sort you out this year and this season. Naturopathy will also help. You need to understand your body and treat it the way it should be treated. It is never too late to give your body natural elements to heal. You must understand that to get clarity in relationships, you need clarity in your life as well.

Perthro: Discover all secrets.

9SCORPIO(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Your Runes: Algiz, Perthro, Mannaz

Refrain from eating cold and junk foods strictly this season. This will will free you from bad unhealthy elements that not only toxify your bosy, but also your mind. Organise all your legal documents and clarify them well to attain success in your professional deals. Confusion is not going to get you anywhere professionally. Be clear of your goals and where you want to reach.

Uruz: Vitality and power.

10SAGITTARIUS(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Your Runes: Sowilo, Ehwaz, Laguz

Bring stability in business and workplace. Enjoy to your fullest this winter. Eat well for good health. This will bring you trus,t loyalty and clarity, which in turn will bring profit and abundance in business and professional aspects of your life. Believe that everything is an illusion. The only real thing is love. Love is what brings peace and clarity in every association, professional or personal.

Gebo: Sharing and hospitality are keys to a healthy life.

11CAPRICORN(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Your Runes: Isa, Mannaz, Raido

You are in requirement of some conselling for a healthy mindset. You must start communicating with others so that you feel secure and loved. Being in a cocoon is not going to help you at this point in life. Be open to communication and expressing your deep emotional feelings. Female support is there to guide you in your profession and will help you touch great heights.

Dagaz: Use power to change the self.

12AQUARIUS(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Your Runes: Ingwaz, Kenaz, Isa

Illumination, self-knowledge and vision will bring settlement to you in healthy ways. You are to understand your personal relationships. Without this understanding, it will be difficult for you to maintain relationships or understand your partner’s expectations. This applies to all relationships. You and no one else has the power to change you.

Teiwaz: Self sacrifice.

13PISCES(Feb 19 – mar 20)

Your Runes: Ehwaz, Mannaz, Gebo

Balance and stability in your mind will bring loyalty in professional life and will help you develop harmonious relationships. Stay in touch with yor humane side and listen intently to what your conscience says. No one is a better teacher for you than your own intuition and experience. Don’t shut the drape on your insight and you will achieve success. Don’t think of relationships as burdens.

Hagalaz: Accept any major shifts with faith in God.


Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you give it a squeeze and make the most of the moment. That’s what Chandni is all about!

During a difficult phase of her life, Chandni – a homemaker and mother of 2 – sought recourse through tarot, healing and other predictive methods. The good it did to her had to be passed on, and that was Chandni’s inspiration to learn all about oracle and healing powers. She then sought formal education in the same, doing courses in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Philippines before setting up her own practice. Chandni is probably the only Indian specialist in rune reading (the power to foretell future through stones), and among the pioneers of helping and healing through the world wide web – you can find her on Facebook, Skype, phone and now web consultancy too.

Her major skills include rune reading, tarot reading, healing through healing methods and special oils, pranic healing, angel healing and past life regression. She is also certified in hypnosis and past life therapies. As a gesture for passing on the good karma, Chandni also provides training in the same and is working towards credible international certifications for her teaching and courses.

Chandni is a major supporter of events and exhibitions, and believes that through these events, she can reach out to people who ordinarily would be hesitant to approach her for assistance. Her humility and zest for life lead her work.

For consultancy, she can be contacted on 9818261990, found on Facebook through searching for page ‘oraclechandni’ or her website –

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