RUNE Reading For February 2015




Your Runes: Teiwaz , Kenaz, Berkana

Use your logical thinking for good business. Your creativity and leadership qualities will lead you to great success. Only you can handle your relationship smartly and generously. You will be able to sort things out with the negative people in your life.

Rune Guidance – Othala

Your physical and spiritual journey is going on. Learn from it and move on.



Your Runes: Mannaz, Laguz, Algiz

Your awareness about your health will keep you in good health. Doing humanitarian work will give you mental peace and satisfaction. When it comes to business, consider the benefits before getting involved. Protect yourself from negative energies. Seek a higher connection with God and start to meditate as well.

Rune Guidance – Raidho

Follow the right order or the right way for growth.



Your Runes: Ehwaz, Raidho, Haglaz

A balanced diet will you keep you in healthy and energetic. Work towards your growth and enjoy the success in your journey. Any uncertain change will bring you good fortune in relationships. So be ready and happily accept changes.

Rune Guidance – Raidho

Focus only on growth



Your Runes: Ansuz, Uruz, Othala

Follow and understand the repetitive signals when it comes to sickness. Self knowledge and independence will you lead you to good health. Stay with positive and energetic people. You are the strength for any professional front. You can heal and guide others for better profits with goodwill. Understand physical and spiritual lessons in relationships.

Rune Guidance – Othala

Law of Karma




Your Runes: Mannaz, Ehwaz, Dagaz

Awareness, self knowledge and regularity will help your health. Understand your professional requirements so that you can learn from your mistakes. You have the power to change yourself for harmony and satisfaction in relationships. A token of love will be helpful in expressing your feelings.

Rune Guidance – Ingwaz

Internal growth is happening



Your Runes: Dagaz, Thurisaz, Isa

Bring changes to your lifestyle to build immunity in all seasons. Do not hold back, now is the right time to explore and break boundaries to achieve prosperity in life. Focus and force. Break your isolation in relationships and move on. Remember, still water stinks.

Rune Guidance – Perthro

Find out hidden information



Your Runes: Gebo, Sowilo, Berkana.

Personal growth, love, and care will bring closeness and happiness. Enjoy your victory – you deserve the best in every manner. Appreciate your achievement and set new targets. There will be the good news of a pregnancy or a new marriage proposal. Keep searching till you find your soulmate.

Rune Guidance – Isa

Break your isolation



Your Runes: Mannaz, Ingwaz, Gebo

Start looking for new opportunities and new offers for real growth. Self knowledge will bring back good health. Do not repeat your mistakes. Follow vegetarianism and yoga. All personal relationships are dependent on you. Sharing and caring is the key to relationships.

Rune Guidance – Thurisaz

Increase your power of resistance



Your Runes: Perthro, Mannaz, Radhio

Control your emotional eating. Keep your eyes on health issues that have been bothering you for a while now and seek treatment. Increase your professional standards. Gain new knowledge. The right order and right procedure will bring abundant growth. Stand up for your beliefs and rights. Do not feel burdened by your relationship, learn to enjoy and express.

Rune Guidance – Sowilo

Enjoy your achievements



Your Runes: Sowilo, Ehwaz, Dagaz

Awareness and stability bring you back in shape. You must take small steps and achieve them one at a time. Bring stability and trust into your current professional position. Be loyal to your bosses and to yourself. Find out what is making you more aggressive and stubborn. Only self acceptance will bring you happiness and harmony.

Rune Guidance – Othilo

Enjoy the blessings in your life




Your Runes: Ingwaz, Isa, Kenaz

Bring freshness into your life through any physical activity. Standing still in business will you’re your financial incomings. Forget the past and try new ventures whether it is by hook or by crook. See the bigger picture in relationships. Bring about awareness for good and long lasting relationships.

Rune Guidance – Fehu

You can create anything and everything easily and in abundance.



Your Runes: Sowilo, Isa, Teiwaz.

You are currently enjoying good health. More sunlight will help you stay healthy during the winter. Use natural remedies for getting rid of all blockages. In business start manipulating and calculating. Stillness will bring you more suffering. Work with more concentration and work to win. Self sacrifice in relationships will always keep you in demand. The warrior in you will always win in the end.

Rune Guidance – Sowilo

Honour yourself and be aware and hopeful


Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you give it a squeeze and make the most of the moment. That’s what Chandni is all about!

During a difficult phase of her life, Chandni – a homemaker and mother of 2 – sought recourse through tarot, healing and other predictive methods. The good it did to her had to be passed on, and that was Chandni’s inspiration to learn all about oracle and healing powers. She then sought formal education in the same, doing courses in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Philippines before setting up her own practice. Chandni is probably the only Indian specialist in rune reading (the power to foretell future through stones), and among the pioneers of helping and healing through the world wide web – you can find her on Facebook, Skype, phone and now web consultancy too.

Her major skills include rune reading, tarot reading, healing through healing methods and special oils, pranic healing, angel healing and past life regression. She is also certified in hypnosis and past life therapies. As a gesture for passing on the good karma, Chandni also provides training in the same and is working towards credible international certifications for her teaching and courses.

Chandni is a major supporter of events and exhibitions, and believes that through these events, she can reach out to people who ordinarily would be hesitant to approach her for assistance. Her humility and zest for life lead her work.

For consultancy, she can be contacted on 9818261990, found on Facebook through searching for page ‘oraclechandni’ or her website –

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