Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV Roadster

What’s in a name?

Lamborghini launched the breathtakingly named Aventador LP 750-4 SV Roadster amongst the biggest gathering of eye wateringly expensive classic cars present at The Quail event in Monterey, California.

Let’s get to the name – the latest Lambo has a long name and it gives away half the story.  Aventador because it’s based on the Aventador ; LP stands for Longitudinal Posteriore, meaning the engine is in the middle of the car and is orientated north south length wise; 750 refers to the power developed by the engine and 4 means that power is sent to all four wheels; finally Roadster because the top comes off. We will now be referring to the car as the SV Roadster (because typing is hard).

The SV Roadster represents the loudest, fastest, maddest car to come out of Sant’Agata. It is the pinnacle of outward excess. You want this car, because you’re a rich extrovert who wants blind people to look when you go by.


The Design

The SV Roadster has been designed to satisfy those people who felt they blended in a little too much with their Aventadors.  The SV has more blades, cuts and holes than someone who got thrown though a razor factory.

Who but Lamborghini could put to market a car that looks like the poster child for self-mutilation and get away with it? That confidence is clear with the design of the Aventador. Lamborghini doesn’t bother with classic proportions or restraint; instead it batters you with dramatic surface changes, unresolved lines and seemingly superfluous vents and intakes. However this confidence isn’t unfound and the combination works.

The Aventador already sits impossibly low and wide; the SV Roadster seemingly bends the laws of physics and looks even lower, meaner and wider than the standard car. It sits on gorgeous staggered wheels (20” rear and 19” front). The front end is typified by the Trident three point front, now underlined by a two level splitter in body colour and black further widening the look of the car. The myriad splitters and strakes throughout the car only seem to enhance this tarmac shaving look. Moving to the mid section is almost a calming oasis in the desert of sharp angles.



Cockpit backwards, the visual assault continues with intakes which have their own intakes and an engine cover which continues the hexagon theme and displays the internals proudly. The rear end of the SV Roadster is a collection of mesh and carbon, with no real “bumper” to speak of. The mostly open rear end was employed to improve the flow of air through the car and is a functional addition. The only resemblance to “real” cars comes in the form of taillights and a number plate.

Even the exhaust tip has been updated, gone is the single rocket launcher exhaust of the standard Aventador and in comes the 4 pipe flame spitting monster unit of the SV Roadster.


The roof of the SV Roadster is a removable hardtop which stores in the front “boot” of the car.

The interior

The SV Roadster has a Hexagonal theme going on throughout the car and this is more than apparent in the interior. Every touchable surface is either carbon fibre or suede leather. The starter button comes with a safety flip cap just like a missile launch button on a fighter jet. The traditional instrumentation has been replaced by a smart screen which displays all pertinent information to the driver and can be customised to every user’s preferences.


The Internals

The SV Roadster develops a ridiculous 750 BHP from its 7.3 litre V12 and the sound it makes while making all that power is beyond words. But I’ll make an attempt; at start up it gets a lot of fuel, revs hard for a millisecond and gives a hint to what’s coming and then settles into a mechanical whirring. Give it a little boot and the powerplant wakes up and starts with a V12 bark with a loud burble on over run, over 4000 RPM the bark turns into a scream and then at speed it all just devolves into wind noise. The SV Roadster shares this configuration with its hard top sibling, but removing the roof just takes things to the next level.


Lamborghini knows the eco/electric/hybrid/autonomous future is coming, and they’ve designed this car as a tribute to the pinnacle of naturally aspirated, wide-hipped, V12 Excess. The SV Roadster is a product of our Pre Bubble Bust excessive times.  What a time to live.


Rononjoy Sen

Rononjoy is a young and creative Transport Designer with a passion for all things fast and beautiful and a knack for stringing words together.

Educated in design at Coventry University, UK – the foremost seat of Industrial and Transport Design for over 200 years.

He aims to use his technical know how and aesthetic vision to bring to  you, the reader, the best possible automotive content.


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