E-Vehicles – the Need of the Hour

People and Environment Friendly Solutions

The environment clock is ticking and if urgent measures are not heeded to, it may prove to be the death-knell for our planet.

Conventional transport vehicles are a proven source of carbon emission – badly tuned engines and lack of monitoring infrastructure has led to catastrophic situations. Current data suggests that nearly 30% of the particulate pollution in metro cities are caused by vehicular emissions. This challenge can be overcome by adopting EV based solutions which will contribute to a wide range of goals which includes – better air quality, reduced noise pollution, enhanced energy security and in combination with a low carbon power generation mix, reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Business entities dedicated to the cause of providing services through Electric based transport solutions can contribute in substantial measures bringing about impactful results.

E-Comm Industry is a high growth, high revenue area which is projected to change the landscape of retail buying in India. Innovative transport solutions in this field for first and last mile deliveries are the areas where electric vehicles will prove to be a boon for our future generation. Government of India has announced a slew of measures to encourage conventional vehicle owners to migrate to EV Platform through purchase incentives.

Encompassing all the above environmental aspects and its benefits, it is essential that E-vehicles are the need of the hour. Benefiting all the industries viz E-Commerce, Food-Tech, Cold Storage, Pharma, and serving numerous other purpose catering to one’s personal use; E-Vehicles is the only answer on optimising environment friendly technology with zero emissions. They are the only option that meets innovation and the needs of the people by offering solutions that are both people and environment friendly.

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Vineet J Mehra
Managing Director, DOT

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