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Yoga asanas for toning belly

Isn’t it an effortless task to overeat, and then feel overstuffed, extremely bloated and puffy after a big meal? Have you ever wondered what the root cause behind this may be? It is nothing but gas and acid reflux and the best remedy to get rid of the unwanted bloat is by resorting to a natural cure for such abdominal troubles. What better and satisfying than the power of Yoga. The various calming yoga movements facilitate in beating bloating, flattening your belly and easing abdominal discomfort.

It’s true indulging in yoga asanas for only about 15 minutes every day will bring about a great body transformation. Along with making you feel energized, the various stretch positions like bridge pose, enable in stimulating your intestinal organs. The twist poses are designed to massage and tone your belly and this is a great remedy for gas, swelling, and constipation. Try out the below mentioned eight yoga poses that are sure to shower you with tremendous health benefits that will not just be limited to your

Bridge Pose

Popularly known as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, this posture majorly increases your flow of blood, improves your digestion and makes you feel more strengthened. Simply lie flat on the floor by bending your knees. With your arms placed besides your body and your feet being placed flat on the floor, you need to gradually move your hips in the upward direction to give your chest a good amount of stretch.


This effortless and simple stretch aids you to unwind, and release some of the unwanted anxiety that’s negatively affecting your smooth flow of digestion. To perform this posture you must be comfortably seated on the floor with your legs being positioned in front of you. Ensure your back is in an upright and straight position and gradually hinge in the forward direction at the hips and slowly lower your torso. Stay there for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

Seated Heart Opener

This move is the best resort to be used when you have consumed too many edibles. It will help stretch out your abdominal belly and will relieve your from unwanted stomach cramps. All you need to do is be seated down on your heels and lean back, with your palms being placed at about 8 inches behind you. By pressing your hands into the ground, slowly lift up your chest and arch your back. You must get the feeling of your hips being pushed into your heels. By lowering your head behind you, slowly upsurge the stretch. Hold for 5 to breaths, before you sit up.

Corpse Pose

This form of yoga pose enables your body to stretch out and remain open and uncramped. This is a vital pose because it lets your digestive system to have room to function at its optimum potential.

Open Triangle Pose or “Trikonasana”

This asana facilitates you with a toned belly due to its beneficial stretches and twists.Place yourself in a standing position and take a big step back with the help of your right foot, moving it towards the side of the mat. By spreading out your arms, you must keep your spine long as you hinge at the hip in the forward direction. By floating your left hand down to the floor, slowly raise your right arm, keeping your arms spread out. The pose must be replicated on the other side.

Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana

This pose facilitates in feeding the the nervous system with fresh blood and oxygen. It invigorates thyroid and parathyroid glands, harmonising and modifying your body’s metabolism and calcium. It majorly helps in digestion and lessens the symptoms of cold and sinus. From a child pose, with the help of your hands hold on to the heels and pull your forehead towards the direction of your knees with the top of the head on the floor. By holding your heels tightly, breathe in and lift up the hips towards the direction of the ceiling. By rolling on to the crown of the head, you need to press the forehead as close to the laps as possible. Respire and hold for four to eight breaths.

Tortoise pose or Kurmasana

The posture recovers the operation of the digestive and respiratory systems. It sooths your head, neck and shoulders and fuels your gastrointestinal organs and facilities flatulence. It also recovers memory by escalating blood flow to the brain. A major stress buster, this pose withdraws your senses, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ardhamatsyendra asana or Half Spinal Twist

It is very advisable to practice this form of yoga either first thing when you get up in the morning, or at least four to six hours post having a meal. It is very important for your belly and bowels to be empty when you practice this asana. The food must be properly digested so that there is sufficient energy to spend during the exercise. The innumerable benefits this asanas offer are, making spine more flexible, toning of spinal nerves and augments spinal cord functioning. It is very helpful for those suffering from diabetes as it aids in massaging and stimulating the pancreas. This asana facilitates in stretching the muscles on one side of the body while condensing the muscles on the other side, it releases body stiffness and back discomfort.  It is also a good cure for slipped disc.

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