Sumptuous Starters – Recreate mouth watering dishes with these easy to follow recipes


125 gm Arborio rice, 15 ml white wine, 20 gm onions, finely chopped, 100 ml vegetable stock, 1 egg, 30 gm flour
40 gm mozzarella cheese, 5 gm pine nuts, 3 gm fresh thyme, chopped, 1 tsp black pepper, crushed, Salt to taste
20 gm butter, 30 gm bread crumbs, 15 gm Parmesan cheese, 3 ml balsamic reduction, Chunky tomato sauce
Add butter in a pan and sauté the chopped onion until they turn light brown in colour. Add the white wine and Arborio rice. Sweat the rice in the wine then add the vegetable stock in batches till the time rice starts leaving the starch. Add the fresh thyme, adjust the seasoning and at last add the Parmesan cheese when the rice is 70% done. Let the risotto cool and make the balls out of it. Stuff with the mozzarella cheese and pine nuts and roll them in the shape of barrels. Now make the liaison of egg and flour and coat the barrels with it. Coat the barrels in bread crumbs and fry at 170 degrees C until the cheese stuffing melts. Place the barrels on the plate, drizzle the balsamic reduction and serve with chunky tomato sauce.

Bruschetta Trio

3 slices French baguette, 30 gm tomatoes, deseeded and chopped, 5 gm onions, finely chopped, 2 gm basil, julienned
15 gm artichokes, chopped, 5 gm red bell peppers, chopped, 5 gm yellow bell peppers, chopped, 3 black olives, chopped, 3 green olives, chopped, 15 gm mozzarella cheese, diced, 25 ml extra virgin olive oil, Salt to taste, 2gm sugar, 2 gm black pepper, crushed, 2 gm lemon, 3 gm garlic, finely chopped, 15 gm butter
Make the mixes as follows:
Tomato Basil Mix: Mix chopped tomatoes, julienned basil, salt, onion, lemon juice, sugar, crushed black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
Artichokes and Bell peppers: Mix chopped artichokes, red and yellow bell peppers, salt, crushed black peppers, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
Olive and Mozzarella: Mix black and green olives, mozzarella cheese, salt, lemon juice, crushed black pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
Toast the baguette slices with garlic butter on top. Spread the different mix on the three slices.

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