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Don’t Let Gloomy Weather Take Away Radiance

Dry unmanageable hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, flaky skin, cracked heels all these weather issues can make you look worse throughout the season if neglected. During change of weather, skin tends to get dull and the worst is when one notices dry patches, dullness and flakiness, sensitivity.
A few skin and makeup woes and their solution to make you look fresh faced throughout the season. 

Pamper Your SkinPamper Your Skin

Pamper your skin with a relaxing aroma oil body massage and nourishing and hydrating facials. Hot water can damage your skin. Slather on a moisturiser on damp skin immediately after taking bath or use body oil before a shower. Switch to intensive moisturising cream and emulsion that provides 24 hours continuous hydration. It improves the appearance of wrinkles caused by dehydration. One can use Power Hyaluronic Moisturising Mask to keep skin comfortable and soft.

Since your skin works at night when you sleep, make sure you have night time skin routine to let it rejuvenate. An overnight serum will renovate the epidermis, unify and illuminate the skin tone and soften tiny skin flaws.

Modify Your Makeup

Moisturise your skin before applying makeup. Opt for Crème- based foundation they are rich in texture and remain on your skin for long. In winters, chapped lips can be the biggest problem. If your lips are dry, avoid using lipsticks and use tinted lip balm with SPF and UVAUVB protection.
Use powder or compact sparingly to avoid dry, patchy skin. However for oily or combination skin, use powder only on oily areas.

Tame Your Mane

Low temperature and humidity can leave your hair static. Condition your hair with good quality conditioner every time you wash it and apply serum on towel-dried hairs. Avoid oiling your hair if you are prone to acne. If you like to massage your scalp and hair, make sure you wash it off within 2 hours  Eat healthy. 

Get Rid of Watery Eyes

Wearing a beautiful eye makeup with tons of mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow can be quite intimidating in winter, when the cold weather makes your eyes get watery for no reason. To ensure the flawless look of your eye makeup, always start it with a good eye primer, which you should apply under the eyes as well for stay.

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Ravi Mittal

Ravi Mittal is Managing Director, Ekta Cosmetics Limited. After his initial education in India, he went to UK for his Masters and graduated with flying colours in 1997. Once he returned to India, he formed his company “Ekta Cosmetics Limited (ECL). Today, ECL has the exclusive marketing rights of three world-renowned brands, “Make-Up Studio”, “Skeyndor” & “Depileve” in the Indian subcontinent.

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