Tomorrow’s Tribe – A peek at Ashima Leena’s latest collection


This fall/winter collection is a tour de force of modern, eclectic and tribal style. Prints, pleats and patchwork form intriguing connections with the dreamily exotic air of nomads.

Sumptuous interplay of geometrics and paisleys are detailed in richly vivid colours like sunset reds flowing into oranges and golds on one side and deep orchids and sapphires in the other… blending effortlessly with black and ivory colour blocks. Breathing in mesmerising jamewar patterns, the bold geometry of kilims, tribal weaves and embellishments and breathing out a reconfigured gypsy vibe with an evolving folkloric vision.

The silhouettes are layered, wrapped and overlapped, flowing prints and sheers are replaced in a comfortable coexistence with a certain dashing asymmetry be it a tunic, or loose roomy culottes or breezy colour blocked kaftans.

Wide legged pants in innovative avatars are teamed with languidly graceful cowl tops and short jackets with scarf drapes sit demurely atop swathed and layered skirt wraps.

The fabrics used are soft, satiny silks and chiffons combined with a wonderfully vibrant crimped print texture, especially visible in the palazzos. Intricate and luxuriant tasseling runs through the whole collection tying it together with an elegantly bohemian aesthetic. In fact, the garments form a canvas that is wonderfully reflective of the wanderers’ experiences, reshaping the primal gypsy memory in contemporary cuts and fabrics.

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