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Prêt wear or ready to wear means ‘off the rack’ or ‘off the peg’. It’s a term for factory made clothing, sold in finished condition in standardised sizes, as distinct from made to measure or bespoke clothing tailored to a particular person’s frame.

There’s a notable shift in the fashion choices made by Indian women today. They are constantly in search of high-quality bespoke pieces that show off their personalities. No longer are they in the dark about what they want from comfort and style. This has been a direct result of their exposure to social media, television and prominent fashion shows. It all plays a big part in shaping their personal preferences. This is where the prêt designs come in. The prêt culture always existed but is now steadily growing-thanks to opportunities created by young designers. Even a decade ago, no one was really paying attention to this ready to wear segment. Today, it’s one of the biggest revenue generators for the garment industry.

Every girl wants to be seen in exclusive and stylish clothes and prêt gives them exactly that! There is a constant fear of showing up to a party and being seen in the same clothes as someone else. That’s where she looks for exclusivity.

Girls need prêt in their closet because it bridges the gap between casual and high fashion and is affordable too. I think every girl should be dressed in beautiful clothes because they deserve it. They should dress for comfort yet be stylish and make a statement. Prêt wear has evolved in the past few years because women now want to look good throughout the day. Now women dress up for work, meetings, and lunches among various other occasions.

For people with even a slight interest in fashion, prêt wear is the quickest, easiest and most affordable place to shop for fashion. This is where the fast fashion purveyors have so brilliantly placed their affordable fashion empires – right in our insatiable appetite for “the latest thing”.

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