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Treat Post Acne Scars without a Laser Treatment

Acne scars can be defined as scars that are usually the result of inflamed blemishes caused by skin pores engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

You can treat your post acne scars without  opting for a laser treatment. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only treat and improve the appearance of these scars, however, you cannot get completely rid of them. So without further ado let’s start with the treatments.

Derma Roller Therapy

It is a really effective therapy which tends to work for most of the people. Clinical studies showed how a derma roller therapy was effective for 86% of the people with grade 1-3 scars. The fact that this therapy is non-ablative (it does not destroy the top layer of the skin) is something which attracts a lot of people towards this treatment.


It is a safe and minor surgical treatment which is done for depressed acne scars and wrinkles. It uses a needle through a puncture in the surface of your skin. The needle is used to set free the fibrotic strands that are tethering the scars with your skin tissues. The removal of existing fibrotic strand is then followed by the accumulation of new collagen which further leads to the cosmetic improvement of your scars.

Micro-needling RF

Collagen is like a building block of the skin. Bricks forming a wall is similar to collagen forming your skin. The process of Micro needling through radio frequencies is really easy and effective in nature. Microneedles are used to penetrate under your skin, once the needles are inside your skin a burst of radio frequency is released which further causes thermolysis. The process of thermolysis helps in the formation of new collagen which then heels your scars.

Deep Chemical Peels

The kind of chemical peel you use plays a very crucial role in the treatment of your scars. I know the idea of chemicals penetrating your skin may be intimidating but they are safe and have incredible benefits as long as they are tailored for your skin type. A deep chemical peel will help you in exfoliating your skin which will improve the appearance of your skin.

TCA Cross

This method uses high concentration of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) on your skin to treat your scars. This technique is safe, effective and cost-efficient in nature. TCA is an established peeling agent which is used in superficial and medium depth peels. This treatment may lead to a bit of irritation on the scars but apart from that, there is nothing to worry about till the time it’s done by a good dermatologist.

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