An interview with Nandita of the designer duo Hemant & Nandita

Hemant & Nandita   
Excerpts from an interview with Nandita of the designer duo Hemant & Nandita

When and what made you launch your brand? How has the journey been?

Hemant and I have always had a personal fondness towards India and Indian traditional textiles and surface techniques. We had been doing lots of research while scouting our forte and we finally discovered that we wanted to explore prints and embroideries as our statement style. We first represented that at India Fashion Week when we debuted our Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Since then we have been constantly striving to represent something new each season. Our journey has been remarkable. After all the ups and downs we have now developed our style which is appreciated worldwide.

What would you say about your evolution as a fashion designer?

The entire evolution has been spectacular. Our dedicated efforts and desire to move the audience by our designs has always been a successful attempt. We love to experiment and take up challenging tasks that allow us to become strong and confident about our work and that is exactly how be evolved. The feedback that we receive really makes a difference.

Tell us about your design sensibility and process.

We love representing our ethnic Indian elements on a global stage. Our design sensibility has now grown towards stylising the young, chic and free-spirited woman who is not just experimental but has always wanted to stay rooted. We do a lot of research before finalising any concept. We do a concrete trend and market study before we know what we want to showcase
and how.

Hemant & Nandita

How do you conceptualize the ideas and then give shape to your thoughts?

With research, we explore new techniques. We love to play with fresh fabrics, bright colours and detailed embroideries. Hemant and I travel a lot. We pick our inspirations from cities to cities scouting street style, regional tapestry, market reviews, rituals, traditional motifs and the entire look and feel of the place.

What sort of techniques do you put into your creations?

Our statement techniques are threadwork, ari embroidery, beadwork and embellishment. We apply these techniques onto our print stories.

What is the USP of your creations? How are you different?

Our USP are fresh prints and embroideries that we experiment with each season. We personally feel that we are always working to create something that is authentic and effortlessly wearable.

What are the top three things you keep in mind while designing?

Prevailing trends and market need, ethnicity merged with contemporary outlooks and an original print story.

An ideal Hemant- Nandita woman would be…

She is young, lively, and uber chic but has a soft corner for traditional features.

What’s fashion according to you?

Fashion for us is the art of ease and comfort. We make sure our focus is to design outfits that are wearable.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

We adore Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anamika Khanna, Dries Van Noten and Etro.

Who do you think is the perfect Indian actress for your collection?

Kangana Ranaut and Chitrangada Singh.

Hemant & Nandita

What is the one change you think is really required in the Indian fashion industry?

The India fashion industry must work towards uplifting Indian techniques and traditional elements.

What is your collection Spring Summer 2015 all about?

Travel is a major inspiration. Ikat came into our sight on our short escape to Istanbul. While exploring Istanbul textiles and handcrafted techniques, we decided to personify Ikat into our statement style of prints and embroideries. Hence, the knot comes into existence.
The knot signifies the exquisite knot that ties traditional layouts to contemporary silhouettes. The designs are for the young,free-spirited, sporty yet sensuous woman who loves to embrace herself with comfortable, trendy and luxurious designs that showcases slight hints of traditionalism. Our designs look up to women who are independent and want to emerge out into the world, travelling from city to city. A great emphasis has been giving to extreme detailing, finishing and the wearable factor in each design. Merging the retro silhouettes along with pop colors has given the Spring/Summer 15 collection much-needed attention. With retro hints, the collection beautifully entangles smoke grey and midnight blues with saffron, sunshine yellow and off white.

Do you have any fashion tips for our readers?

Since our label is more fun and quirky, I’ll advise our readers to wear what they love and flaunt it with pride.

What are five wardrobe essentials this season?

Retro, Neoprene, 70’s inspired clothing, fringes and whites

About the Designers :

Hemant & Nandita:  Hemant & Nandita define a new aura in the fashion scenario each season with their fresh take on prints and embroideries. The duo works with new techniques each season that not just add to their versatility, but also contributes to their love for their country. Hemant & Nandita have mastered the art to mingle trends and styles to create something that is true to their sensibilities.

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