Fine Art Nude Photography

Fine Art Nude Photography

Nude Creativity

As an art director/visualiser and a photographer, I have always looked at Fine Art Nudes as an art form – something that is created normally in a single shot and becomes a work of art. Unlike what is normally perceived in India today, nudity in the photograph is always secondary to the creativity – though many people do not seem to think so. The objective is to create a beautiful, artistic, sculpted form using the body parts of a model – where the clothes (or lack of them) are totally irrelevant. With this series of Fine Art Nudes, we at AbraxasLifestyle, are making an attempt to break away from the confining chains of puritanical Anglo-Saxon morality imposed on us by years of British rule.

I am a purist at heart and almost all my photography, including Fine Art Nude Photography, have always been in single shots. I have always tried to capture all the emotion and all the action in one single shot – without the use of post processing.

However this specific Fine Art Nude photograph is one of the rare occasions where the graphic designer in me over-powered the artist in me – and I did resort to the use of post processing. In my defence, I can only say that the graphic composition created by the model’s legs and arms was so dramatic – that it required the post production to create this graphic visual masterpiece. In future too, we shall continue to share such visual art forms by some of the leading Indian and international photographers.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. migliore piastra per capelli

    13/03/2016 at 5:50 am

    purely majestic, so eye catching..

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