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Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting – is among the names of excellence featured in the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa.

The luxurious Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, recently inaugurated in Champillon, is a unique place from many points of view. It is the first hotel in this French region, famous for its wine production, offering also a spa. It has been designed by the architect Giovanni Pace around the ancient post office where King Charles X stopped, before reaching Reims for his coronation.

Thanks to the brilliant management of Nicolas Béliard, who was formerly in chief of the Peninsula hotel in Paris, Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa is able to offer a series of new experiences – from the visit to the closed-to-public cellars to the harvesting of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes – and naturally, thousands of tasting occasions.

The cuisine is from the starred chef Jean-Denis Rieubland – and the toiletries are from Hermès.

Among these excellent names, at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, is Windfall Contemporary Crystal Lighting – that highlights the elegant details of the decor and the perlage of the best cuvées with the magical refractions of its chandeliers.

The decorative elements “Balance”, similar to crystal candles floating in the air, create different luminous paths in the Restaurant and in the Bar areas, while the “Eden” chandeliers, shining flowering branches made with precious crystal elements, let the beauty of the nature permeate the big Lounge area.

With these bespoke creations for the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa, Windfall confirms its ability in responding to the most complex project requirements with extraordinary solutions, lavish and exceptional, ideal for the luxury contract.

In the Lobby

Eden “Walking in Paradise”

A Composition of 37 branches from the Windfall Collection EDEN: “Walking in Paradise”.

A sculptural chandelier with flowers in elegant colours like Blue Shade, White Opal, Golden Shadow, Silver Shadow and Crystal Clear.

The handmade branches, in brass, are gold plated.

Lighting is by downlights from the ceiling, to ensure the flowing and floating character of the chandelier and for the best sparkle and lightness of the composition.

In the Restaurant and Bar

Balance “Classic with a twist”

At the first glance a classic chandelier, but at the second sight it reveals its real spirit, the lightness and total freedom of composition. Flying candles, free floating, without any disturbing frames and light bulbs.

In this case the single “Balance” elements are arranged in several classic chandelier shapes above the bar and the buffet, connected with single flying candles throughout the whole area.

A total of ca. 400 Balances, all made of pure crystal pieces combined with mouth blown silver plated candles, individually suspended from the ceiling and lit by downlights.

About the Designers

Clarissa Dorn

Roel Haagmans



A stroke of luck, the actual meaning of Windfall, brought Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans together in 2004 –  when they started an atelier with the goal of modernising the classic crystal chandelier.

The mix of the views of Clarissa, based upon her long term experience in art and interior decoration, and the thoughts on lighting and design of Roel, one of the best classic chandelier designers, resulted in a new understanding of crystal luminaire design, a new kind of subtle charm of ‘haute couture‘ in lighting was born.

Windfall stands out for a very personal and passionate way of handmade working, our proximity to our customers and the willingness to change, our expertise and pursuit of unconventionality.

Our design language is made up of emotions, nature, art, colours and tradition.

By listening to the needs of our clients, we develop unique solutions on a daily base.

Windfall started with single bespoke design, and in the last 13 years the most beloved ones found their way into our permanent collection.

A collection, where all items are made on demand in finish, colour, size and shape, which allows for each piece to be customized to our client’s needs.

At the end of 2004, Windfall introduced the concept of a chandelier being lit by downlights, freeing it from its tradional structural limitations. Floating crystal objects are illuminated by down¬ lights which can unfurl unimagined emotions through the spatial illuminating effects that result. A total flexibility of composition in size and shape evolves. Best illustrated by our iconic Balance chandelier.

Windfall is constantly seeking to discover and deploy, new forms, always on the look out for unconventional, extraordinary and elegant solutions.

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