Time Is Running Out


Believe It or Not…


Since time immemorial, man-built structures to protect his body from the elements of nature. Initially man housed himself in stone-hewed caves. Then due to procreation and development, man built houses by cutting down hill-sides and trees. This was the beginning of our downfall – not progress.

Man survived on berries and fruit plucked from trees, available to all. There was no discrimination of caste or creed then, as food was shared or exchanged (barter system). Today we differentiate people on the grounds of status – eating out at fancy restaurants and being seen out at happening places adds to your social success.

As the story goes, man was born without a thread on his body. Where and how did clothing become a necessity? Was it a need or another statement winner?


“Roti, kapda aur makaan” has changed mankind into “robots of another kind”. These basic requirements have become status symbols, not basic necessities. Our legs – which would take us from Point A to Point B – have become redundant! We need to just step-out of our cozy homesteads into fancy automobiles and jet planes to land into another world. Is this development or devastation?

All that we talk about today is recession. Where are we heading anyway – to have created such a situation? How have we declined to such a state? Criminals are being treated like royalty; water is polluted everywhere; and values of morality have vanished into thin air.

Our need to excel is important today – for oneself. The need to prove a point should be besides the point. Once there are no expectations from anyone else – there is no hurt; which in turn prevents the division of men. To follow your deep instinct and sixth sense will make life simple again and this world an extended family again – growing and glowing with better interpersonal skills. Not only will we communicate better… but have a happy-story-ending!

Am I envisioning the impossible and proposing to live in a paradise undefined?

To create a positive global transformation across our planet, people from all walks of life should participate actively for the betterment of each individual – creating harmony and overall progress as our Mission for Humanity, for a better tomorrow for our children.


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