The Square, Coffee Lounge by Cafe Coffee Day

The Story Behind the Coffee 


Being India’s “most popular hangout point amongst the youth”, Cafe Coffee Day launched its premium coffee chain format called “The Square” to bring in the luxurious experience of coffee drinking. The visual identity of The Square has been created to bring about the serene landscape of the coffee plantation which is itself a true inspiration to bring out a story telling experience inside the space.

The hand painting of the picture of the plantation on the wall is created to enjoy the visual form of the plantation. The painting has been created using artistic acrylic paint to bring in depth and clarity of the coffee leaves and the red cherries. This technique is basically used to bring in light through the oak trees to work as a backdrop to the picture. The translucent image of the artwork adds sheen to the entire space.

The coffee cup mural created on the wall next to the painting is made up of coffee beans at different roasting levels in different colours and pasted carefully to form a beautiful pattern on a laser cut MDF base. The entire mural has a texture of coffee bean which creates an interesting element in the space. 3kgs of coffee bean have been partially used by the artist to make the mural.

The depression zone near the staircase is interestingly designed to bring in interface with the customer displaying the best flavours of coffee from the different parts of the world. This zone allows individuals to take back home freshly brewed coffee powder from the most exotic coffee locations of the world – termed as “Single Origin Coffees”. The different kinds of coffees that add flavour to the entire space are Kathlekhan Superior, Mysore Nuggets, Ethiopian Sudamo, Rajgiri Pearl, Cost Rican Tarazzo and Columbian Supremo which are engraved on a well seasoned oak plank sourced from the plantation. The wrought iron mural on the wall, which is powder coated in a matte black finish, has been used to communicate the country origins of the different coffees which is displayed beneath it.


As one walks into the space on the ground level, naturally cut oak pieces from the plantation are interestingly used to call out the heritage of the brand. The heritage wall has a story that shows the graph of the growth of the brand and of the organisation since its inception to give its customers the best coffee drinking experience. Each log, with its raw rugged finish, communicates a milestone of the brand that is engraved within it, giving a warm tone to the entire space. The texture finish on the wall and the mood lighting enhances the warmth and brings in a special and cosy feeling.

The social responsibility initiatives of the organisation at their plantations in Chikmagalur, which also incorporate a natural habitat for several animals and birds, have been highlighted on the stairwell. The plantation provides a natural environment for endangered species like the Malabar Squirrel, Leopard, Elephants, Great Indian Hornbill, Spotted Dear and the Indian Gaur. The Tree of Life concept communicates the CSR initiative under the umbrella of the brand in an interestingly innovative manner. Each tread of the stair is engraved with a footprint of these six animals which leads up to the wrought iron mural which encompasses the distinctive features of the animals. As one climbs the stairwell, one sees the footmarks with the names of the animals and meets with the Tree of Life which gives a faint recognition of the animals and overall perspective of the story. The design has been intentionally done so that each time the individual walks in he sees an animal added to his view which brings out the emotion of discovery.

As we move to the first floor, the lighting keeps the mood and the subtle colour adds to the lounge experience. The partition between the seating is designed to bring in privacy, but not to completely block the movement of light into the space. The glass panel with sandwiched rice paper creates the translucent ambience between the seating and brings in a contemporary feel. The visual treatment at the upper level has been a toned version of the original photographs from the estate with a play of colour to bring in attention. The table top visuals in sepia tones placed in the centre space have been printed on canvas and are framed in oak wood procured from the plantation. The large visual of the coffee bean plucking at the estate is treated interestingly by highlighting the berries in colour while the rest remain in a black and white tone. The rice paper lantern fixtures hung at the double height area bring in a warmth and authentic feel to the space.

The design of the frost vinyl on the glass of the huddle room is to bring in a play of light and texture to the space. The print creates privacy yet brings enough light into the space. A similar form of the artwork of the frosting has been incorporated on the servery counter to bring in a connection in design throughout the store. The restroom has been made to have a darker tone and the mood lighting adds the calmness to the space.

The signage has worked well for the façade as it is a corner plot and gives the building a grand look from the road. A well-lit façade with the right amount of lighting , texture  and colours that compliment the entire space makes it an exuberating experience for each customer walking in for a hot sip of exotic coffee from around the world. Overall, The Square tells a story of an organisation and a brand which studies the science of coffee growing and has mastered the art of brewing. With its premium and sophisticated form, it is a coffee haven for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


jenny andrews

Jenny Andrews comes from a Mechanical Engineering background and has a specialisation in Creative Painting, giving a vibrant blend of engineering, design and art. Having hands-on experience for a decade in architecture, retail design, visual merchandising, corporate and interior design, Jenny has come a long way in understanding the needs of strategic value of design, innovation and design practices. She has created and developed more than 15 concepts in space design and visual merchandising. Her contribution in spearheading strategic design with brands like Lee, HSRIL, Levis, Tanishq and various other successful brands in the country has been well recognised in the retail industry. Her key to success is her passion, zeal for continuous learning, an in-depth understanding of different cultures and design ideologies, which has equipped her effective management of clients, consultants, suppliers, vendors and project managers.

The Women’s Entrepreneur programme at IIMB, has given her the wings to transform from a designer to an entrepreneur. She believes that her passion, expertise, enthusiasm and positive energy will make Studio.J a place to reckon within the design industry.

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